KouZina Greek Street Food - Taking a Bite

KouZina Greek Street Food – Restaurant Review

My daughter and I were on Main Street on Wednesday around lunch time. She wanted a quick meal, so we decided to try KouZina Greek Street Food

KouZina Greek Street Food Menu

KouZina offers three entree main choices: Gyro, Bowl (rice base), or Salad. 


My daughter and I opted to share a Large Gyro. We had our choice of meat – lamb, chicken, or pork. My daughter chose the chicken. In addition, we had red onion and tomato on the Gyro. There are two sauce choices – tzatziki and zesty feta. We decided to go with the zesty feta. While it has cayenne in it, the heat was moderated by the feta and roasted red pepper. There is also a kid size Gyro available.

KouZina Greek Street Food - Gyro

Spinach Pie

In addition to the Gyro, we decided to split a Spinach Pie. I enjoyed the Spinach Pie, but my daughter (as I expected) was not a fan. The Spinach Pie was nearly a full meal for me, so I ate very little of the Gyro. I’d prefer a smaller portion of the Spinach Pie that could be a side dish instead of the bulk of my meal.


KouZina Greek Street Food - Spinach Pie

Pita Chips

We debated Pita Chips or French Fries. My daughter decided we should try the Pita Chips since we can get fries anywhere. The Pita Chips were prepared fresh to order. Pita Chip dippers include tzatziki, zesty feta, or hummus. My daughter isn’t a hummus fan, so we had the zesty feta as a dipper.

KouZina Greek Street Food - Pita Chips

Our Thoughts

My daughter and I had plenty of food at lunch. We actually brought home about 1/5 of the Gyro and a few Pita Chips. We noticed that the Zesty Feta sauce became zestier after sitting overnight. 

KouZina Greek Street Food also offers other extras like Baklava, soup, yogurt, and pastries. They also have a beverage refrigerator of bottled beverages and a soda fountain (Coke products).

My daughter enjoyed our lunch – you can almost see her smile as she’s taking a bite in the photo below. She wants to return – bringing Dad too next time.

KouZina Greek Street Food - Taking a Bite

I loved that many of the foods were freshly prepared in front of guests. We watched them grilling pitas and frying our pita chips. The meats are also roasting on spits behind the counter. 

KouZina Greek Street Food Atmosphere

The decor in KouZina emphasizes it’s Ann Arbor location. There are several murals. My daughter loved the Ann Arbor touches in the decor.

KouZina Greek Street Food - Mural

KouZina Greek Street Food offers several seating options. There is a large communal bar table that runs the length of the seating area. On one side are a series of regular tables. On the side wall are a series of pub height tables. I loved that the tables all had bag hooks built in. We visited Cherry Republic before lunch, so it was nice to have a place to hang our bag. If you have small kids, you may want to try to get one of the normal height tables.

KouZina Greek Street Food - Seating

KouZina Greek Street Food Logistics

KouZina Greek Street Food’s address is 332 S. Main Street. They are in the former Middle Kingdom Chinese restaurant. KouZina opened in summer 2016. They are open 11a-10p daily. 

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