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Yesterday my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop took advantage of the day off to take the JIFFY Factory Tour. Unfortunately, a number of girls had to cancel at the last minute due to an illness that is evidently sweeping the school.

The JIFFY Factory is located in Chelsea, Michigan and manufacturers all of the JIFFY mix that is sold around the world. They offer FREE tours of their packaging operation on weekdays from 9a-2p. Reservations are required.

Pictures are not allowed inside the factory on the Jiffy Factory Tour until you reach the loading dock. The only picture I have to share is from the loading dock with a Jiffy truck.

Jiffy Factory Tour We arrived at 9a for our tour and after our group gathered, we moved to the auditorium to begin our tour with a mini-muffin and bottled water. Yesterday they were offering their oatmeal muffin mix. At first, my daughter refused to take one to try. I told her that was fine, but she had to try a bite of mine. Of course she loved it and then took her own muffin.

We were shown a video about the company, the manufacturing process, and the packaging process. We then watched a safety video. My daughter and her friends are in first grade which is the minimum age for the tour. The video was able to hold their interest and keep them entertained while still providing enough interest for the adults on the tour.


We then proceeded into the factory for the tour. On the tour, they take you through the packaging areas where you see the assembly of the boxes around the liners and can see the filled boxes traveling through the plant for packaging into cases and tray packs. We also saw some large bags for institutional clients (restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc.). The tour concluded at the loading dock where we were each given a goody bag. The adult bags included two boxes of Jiffy mix, a recipe book, and a little blue “JIFFY” guy. The children’s bags include one box of Jiffy mix, an activity book, a recipe book, and a little blue “JIFFY” guy.

The tour took about an hour. Advance registration is required. The tour is limited to participants in first grade or older. I was a bit disappointed that we only toured the packaging areas as I was interested in seeing the grinders, sifters, and mixers (that is probably the engineer in me). However, I understand the need to restrict visitors in the food preparation areas. I think it was a great experience for our girls to see a manufacturing facility.

We definitely enjoyed our JIFFY Factory Tour and recommend it to other groups. While you are in the area, you can explore Chelsea or visit Chelsea Treehouse.


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