It’s My Fault – I’ll Take the Blame

I admit, it is all my fault today. I will willingly take the blame. It is just what I wanted, but no I am not ready for it.

What am I so eager to take the blame for? The Snow. Just yesterday when looking at my outdoor Christmas lights, I thought it looks almost perfect except for the dull browning grass. I wanted just an inch or so to make the lights sparkle and hide the extension cords running across my yard.
Now, weather, did you hear me? I want 1-2″, not 1-2′. I have lights that will be buried by more than 5″, so lets keep a consistent 1-2″ on the grass this December. INCHES, not feet.
Of course am I ready for the snow? Not really. At least I did get all of my outdoor lights up, staked, connected, and put on timers.
My daughter is mostly outfitted – 
  • winter coat – bought on clearance in January last year – Check
  • hat – last year’s still fits – so Check
  • gloves – $1 section at Target – Check
  • Boots – last year’s will still fit, and ready with the next size so Check, Check
  • Snow Pants – Hmm, I wonder if 3Ts will still fit my skinny 42″ almost 5 year old? I guess they’ll have to make do for school today. Anyone know where to find size 5 overall snow pants without buying a coat too?
Also, with the snow I feel the need to get my Christmas decorations up. The disadvantage of going away over Thanksgiving. I’m behind on my Christmas decorations. (I’ve also been neglecting this blog).

Don’t forget that Wintry Playgrounds are Still Fun! It’s a little early in the season to be escaping winter weather, but here are a few suggestions from blogs I wrote last winter: A Toasty Way to Spend a Cold Day (Wednesdays are the best) and Escaping Winter at Mack Pool (Updated with 2010 hours).
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