It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Girl Scout Cookie season kicks off in full force this weekend. After taking orders in late December and early January, troops picked up their initial orders yesterday and cookie booths start this week. As cookie mom for my daughter’s Brownie troop of 28, I spent most of yesterday dealing with 173 cases of cookies…picking up, unloading, sorting by girl, and reloading about 1/3 of them. The rest are to be delivered after school today (Fortunately many parents will be at school with Valentine’s parties) and at our Brownie field trip on Saturday. Yesterday, my daughter started to pull our neighbor’s order for delivery from someone else’s boxes. I will be glad to deliver the remaining boxes so they don’t get confused with my daughter’s boxes and aren’t taking up room in my living room, dining room, and hallways.

Sorting Boxes in my Family Room

I want to send a huge shoutout to Corrigan Moving for donating their warehouse and man-power to load the vehicles. Their assistance made loading the vehicles much quicker as they were familiar with how to best pack them in different vehicles and allowed us to save our energy for unloading. Despite picking up 173 cases for our troops initial order, we still have another pickup this afternoon to have cookies for our cookie booth this weekend.

53 Cases of Thin Mints
Car #2 – Car #1 was a mini-van filled to the top

I have had a couple of questions about where you can get Girl Scout Cookies. Individual Girl Scouts are still taking orders and cookie booths begin this weekend. There will be cookie booths at most local Ann Arbor grocery stores (Kroger, Hillers, and Busch’s) as well as a few other locations starting this weekend and running through mid-March. This weekend, my cookie booth recommendation is Hiller’s on Sunday morning. Thank you to the stores that are hosting cookie booths. You can find cookie booths using the online Cookie Locator.

If you are looking to buy cookies, I want to share a few details. Each box is $4. Other than the cost of the cookies, the remainder of the money stays in Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan. The troop receives $0.60 a box with the remainder staying in our Council to be used towards programs, facilities, camps, and more. My daughter attended Girl Scout Day Camp the last two years and wants to attend a residential camp this summer (we are still in negotiations over starting with a 3 day camp vs. the 6 day camp that she selected). We have attended a few council wide events as well as several local programs. Her troop also makes use of our local campground (Camp Linden north of Howell) a couple of times a year.

The cookie prices did increase from $3.50 last year. This was the first price increase in our council since the 2005-2006 cookie season. Most other councils (for example Southeast Michigan) had already raised their price to $4. For my daughter and most of our 2nd grade Brownies, it is the first price increase in their lifetime. As the cookie mom, having the cookies are priced at an even dollar amount is much easier so we don’t have to have coins at our cookie booths and the math is easier for the younger girls. If you are planning to buy cookies at a cookie booth, cash or check is appreciated. Some troops have the ability to accept credit cards, but the credit card processing fee is subtracted from troop proceeds.


If you are a local business that would like to host a booth, let me know. I can see if our troop is available or refer you to Girl Scouts to arrange a booth.

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