Is Toledo Zoo Open Despite Toledo’s Water Issues?

In case anyone was planning a trip to the Toledo Zoo today, they will be opening at 10a despite the issues with water in the Toledo area. However, they are making a few changes.

There will be no food or fountain beverage sales. All water fountains will be turned off. You are welcome to bring your own food and they will have bottled drinks available for sale.

Restrooms will be available and they will have hand sanitizer available for those who would prefer to use sanitizer instead of washing their hands. From what I heard on the news yesterday, the water is safe for adults to bathe in but not children.

Here is a screenshot of the Zoo’s announcement on Facebook.

I did share their Facebook status on my Facebook feed, but I know that not all of my readers are on Facebook and that Facebook only shows a small percentage of my fans a shared feed like this.


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