Indoor Soccer Early Registration Deadline Tomorrow

My daughter just finished her third season of outdoor soccer through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed. We have been lucky to maintain the same coaches and many of the same players, mostly from my daughter’s school, through the three seasons. My daughter has really enjoyed the experience even though we have only won a handful of games. Still, I have seen the girls grow in skill level and knowledge of the game while having fun.

Last winter, we took a break from soccer over the winter along with most of her team. A few girls including one of the assistant coaches played indoor soccer and enjoyed it. This year, my daughter has decided that she wants to join them and play soccer this winter.

From Rec & Ed Website

Rec & Ed’s Indoor Soccer League plays in the gym at various Ann Arbor schools. According to our coach, the game is faster paced than the outdoor game because of the hard surface and the smaller playing field so the girls learn ball control.

Practices will begin the week of January 6th with games beginning the week of January 18. Games will typically be on Saturdays between 8a and 8p. The season will consist of 7 games across 7-9 weeks. There will be teams for first through fifth grades. Kindergarteners may register but will be assigned to a first grade team.

Priority (early) registration for Indoor soccer costs $81 for residents of the Ann Arbor Public Schools district and $91 for non-residents. Standard registration is an additional $10. In order to qualify for priority registration, Rec & Ed must receive your registration before 5p on Friday, November 8. Postmarks are not accepted. Priority registration is the best way to ensure that your child is on a team with classmates, friends, and previous teammates. You can register online or print this form and deliver it in person.


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