Impressive Play by Young People’s Theater

Yesterday afternoon my mother, my daughter, and I attended the final performance (Sunday matinee) of Beauty and the Beast by the Young People’s Theater at the Power Center. The performances by the young people were amazing. The cast was over 90 young people ranging in age from first graders through high school students. Most of the main roles were played by the high school students, but there were several younger children with medium sized roles.

My daughter (5 yo) really enjoyed the play and seeing kids on stage. The first act was quite long, so she did start to get restless towards the end of it. However, she is worn out from seasonal allergies and had a sleepover the night before so her even staying awake for the play was an accomplishment.

The costumes and scenery were amazing. They even had invisible wires allowing cast members to fly. A couple of times they had cast microphones that didn’t work, but they were replaced/fixed by the next scene.

We enjoyed this performance more than the national touring company of Mary Poppins which we saw in December. I compliment the Michigan Union Ticket Office for really trying to find the best seats left for us when I purchased the tickets on Friday. While we were on the side, we were only a few rows back and had an excellent view. The speakers were right next to us, but were not overwhelmingly loud.

My only complaint was at intermission, we followed the refreshments sign and waited in line for at least 5 minutes only to find out that there was no food that day. The price list included candy and beverages, so we were expecting food. At that point, I was told I could go “across the street” to the Michigan League for food. It’s a little further than across the street and the round trip would have been tight in the 15 minutes of intermission without having spent time in line already.


I definitely recommend attending future productions by Young People’s Theater. Performing at the Power Center this year was a trial run due to limited venue options. The performance we were at was definitely well attended, so hopefully they will be able to continue with performances at the Power Center.

Did you attend a performance? What were your thoughts?

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