I Am Lucky – St Patrick’s Day At Home Activity

With school closed for at least 3 weeks due to Coronavirus, Ann Arbor with Kids is offering a daily video with activities and content for local families. Today we are sharing some St Patrick’s Day Ideas.


Happy St Patrick’s Day

For today’s St Patrick’s Day activities I started looking for ideas on Pinterest. I quickly ruled out any ideas that used food because I am trying to be conservative in how often we leave the house to shop and because certain items are hard to find.

The first two ideas I found were Marble Painted Shamrocks and Walking Rainbow.

Marble Painted Shamrocks

Plain Vanilla Mom shared how to make Marble Painted Shamrocks. This is a good activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Walking Rainbow

On Teaching Fun with Jennifer Findley, I found a science activity – walking rainbow. It is listed as a good activity for upper elementary students. But, I think that even my 8th grader would like the activity. Actually, the engineer in me wants to see it work. If you are short on paper towels, coffee filters may work too.


I Am Lucky

But, then I found an activity that really jumped out at me. Two sites had different versions of an “I Am Lucky” prompt.

Thanks to the coronavirus quarantine, our lives are completely different this week than they were even last week. With all of the changes and uncertainty right now, I thought it was a good time to refocus the kids on what they do have. It would probably be a good activity for the parents too.

I am Lucky Because... Graphic featuring a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

I created my own printable featuring a rainbow and a pot of gold with 4 different versions for different grades

  • Preschoolers – a blank pot so they can draw a picture
  • Early Elementary – Guide lines for writing a couple of things they are lucky to have
  • Upper Elementary – Narrower lines for them to expand on why they are lucky
  • Middle & High Schoolers – Features narrower lines, and two prompts – “I Feel Lucky Because” and “I Can Share my Luck by”

Download your free I Feel Lucky templates


Allow your child the space to share their answers or leave it as a journal entry that is private for them. Especially as they get older, they may not want to share.

What did your child feel lucky to have? Did you come up with great ideas to share your luck- while maintaining the appropriate social distance.

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