Holiday Gift Guide: Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Classes

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post as part of the Ann Arbor with Kids Holiday Gift Guide. All opinions are 100% my own.

Are you in a time crunch and in need of a gift for your child? Why not think out of the box this Christmas and give your child the gift of a class or sport registration through Ann Arbor Rec and Ed? Or you could sign them up for a fun camp during mid-winer or spring break. My daughter has loved playing soccer, taking dance, and gymnastics through Rec and Ed. She has also attended summer camp co-ordinated through Rec & Ed, particularly the Star Wars Camp.

Ann Arbor Rec and Ed’s winter schedule was released online last week and online registration is now available. Paper copies of the catalogs will be mailed to homes beginning December 26.

As I looked through the mid-winter and spring break camps, I saw many fun camps that my daughter would love particularly Jedi Academy at Spring Break but also including LEGO Design and Hogwarts Mini Academy. Last year right before Spring Break she came out of school extremely excited about Star Wars Camp only to express disappointment that she couldn’t attend because we were going to Disney World (where she actually got to fight Darth Vader). I joked that I should have saved my money and sent her to camp instead of taking her on vacation.

While my daughter has never expressed much interest in Minecraft, many of her classmates are very into Minecraft and would likely enjoy the Minecraft camps over both mid-winter and spring breaks (the half-day Minecraft camp can be combined with LEGO Design at mid-winter break and Remote Control Mania at spring break). In addition, Minecraft classes are also available at select elementary schools as an after school class.

After school classes are extremely convenient with offerings varying by your elementary school. It is very easy to search for after school classes by filtering for your child’s school. After school classes are very easy for my daughter to attend since I just pick my daughter up from school a little later and don’t have to drive anywhere special. If your child is in aftercare, they can return to aftercare once class is over.


In addition, there are some classes that are offered in the evenings. My daughter enjoyed several sessions of Rec & Ed gymnastics in the evenings at Clague before trying an after school dance class last spring and has had friends enjoy various dance classes. I looked into their dance classes but none are offered at my daughter’s school and the evening and Saturday classes conflict with other activities.

Overall, we have been very happy with the Ann Arbor Rec and Ed programs and look forward to many more years of good experiences. I definitely recommend adding a Rec and Ed class or camp as a surprise for your child.

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