Ann Arbor Holiday Crafts

Holiday Crafts

Holiday crafts are a definite holiday tradition. I have numerous handmade ornaments on my Christmas tree. Some that I made as a child and some that my daughter has made. Making an ornament is a great way to keep your child’s holiday crafts over the years.

Ann Arbor Holiday Crafts

Holiday Crafts at Home

Tri-Bead Ornaments

Tri-Bead Ornaments are one of my perennial favorites. I remember making them as a kid, and my daughter loves making them. They are great for preschoolers to practice their dexterity and pattern making skills. Tri-Bead Ornaments are great for a tree or to decorate a package.

Christmas Countdown Tri-Bead Ornaments


Christmas Origami

My daughter loves making origami. We bought a pack of holiday colored origami paper and found some directions online. We had a lot of fun making Christmas Origami.

Christmas Countdown Origami: Christmas Tree
Christmas Countdown Origami: Santa
Christmas Countdown Origami: Candy Cane


When my daughter was in preschool we attended a stocking decorating event at Michaels. We still display the stockings every year. She had so much fun that we bought stockings for her to decorate and fill for her grandparents and aunts and uncles.


Ornament Frame Craft Kits

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When my daughter I found a box of foam picture frame ornaments. They were perfect for attaching to gifts from my daughter and for our own tree. My daughter was able to do all of the decorating by herself. I was able to find these similar ornaments on Amazon.

Height Ornaments

I love little ornaments for the tree that mark my daughter’s growth. For years we added a photo ornament each year. Create one of these height ornaments each year to mark your child’s growth. Unfortunately I think we’re starting too late. My daughter is already 5’3″. That would be a lot of string to wrap up.

Sweet keepsake ornament idea!

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Pinterest Holiday Crafts

I also have a Pinterest board with other craft ideas.
Check out our board here:

Holiday Craft Events

There are also lots of Holiday Craft events around Ann Arbor. I love these events because I don’t have to find project ideas or the expertise to guide my daughter.


We are still adding holiday events to our calendar, so this list will continue to update throughout the holiday season.

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