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Have A Great Date With These Parents Night Out Programs

Do you want to plan a date night without the hassle of finding a babysitter? These Ann Arbor Parents Night Out programs are the perfect answer. They offer a fun Kids Night Out near Ann Arbor while the parents can also have a kid-free date night.

Find a Parents Night Out near you and start making your dinner or activity plans. Parent Night Out programs vary in length from 2 hours to up to 4 hours.

What are your favorite Ann Arbor Date Nights for parents? We used to love taking our daughter to a parents night out program and indulging in a fancy dinner. With the holidays approaching, a Kids Night Out program is a perfect excuse to get some holiday shopping done.

Over the years, we definitely used the programs to allow for a movie date. Sometimes it was challenging to make the showtimes fit so dinner would end up being at the theater or fast food.

Parents Night Out Near Ann Arbor

Are you wondering where to find Parents Night Out programs near you? Check out our list of Ann Arbor Kids Night Out programs.

Featured Parents Night Out Providers

Humane Society of Huron Valley

“Love starts here” is the Humane Society of Huron Valley’s motto, and they offer lots of youth activities to foster compassion—not to mention entertain! Both animal-loving and animal-fearing kiddos can benefit from a variety of programs at the modernized shelter.

Tiny Lions lounge and adoption Center

Ann Arbor’s cat café, the Tiny Lions lounge and adoption Center (or “TLC” for short!) is an offshoot of the Humane Society of Huron Valley—a place where kids young and old can visit with kittens and cats in a comfy space. While all the felines there are available for adoption, there are no strings attached!

The Humane Society of Huron Valley offers Pets & Pajamas Movie Night on a regular basis. Tiny Lions Cat Cafe has both Cats and Kids and Teen Mewvie night.

Other Frequent Kids Night Out Hosts

Other locations that currently offer regular Kids Night Out events are Michigan Academy of Gymnastics.

Other locations that have offered them in the past are Leslie Science & Nature Center, UM Museum of Natural History (before their move), and Saline Recreation Center.

Events from our Sponsors

Nichols Arboretum Big Play Day June 23

Big Play Day

Mark you calendars for June 23!

AFC Ann Arbor Women's Team takes the field

AFC Ann Arbor (Women’s) Final Home Game vs Detroit City FC

AFC Ann Arbor Women's Season May 19-June 30

Host a Parents Night Out

A Parents Night Out makes a great fundraiser! My daughter attended a K-8 school and both the 5/6 classes and the 7/8 classes hosted Parents Night Out events. They were easily our favorite fundraiser to support and helped those classes earn money for class trips.

Tips for a successful Parents Night Out:

  • Parents are more likely to send their kids if they have a connection to the group offering the fundraiser
  • Offer Dinner and Snacks
  • Plan games and crafts
  • Include Movie time
  • Provide alternatives where you can – food for dietary restrictions, alternate activities to the movie, a quiet room
  • Make sure to have parent contact information and a checkout plan.
  • Consider a theme for the event to tie together the crafts and movies

Upcoming Parents Night Out Near Ann Arbor

There are several Kids Night Out programs in the Ann Arbor area

No Events

Date Night Ideas

Now that the kids are settled at a Kids Night Out, it is time to plan your date…either alone or with parents of their friends.

Dinner was our go-to while our daughter was at a Parents Night Out.

A movie or show is also a great choice – but it can be tricky to get the timing to work out when balancing show times, drop-off and pick-up times plus any driving time between the theater and program. There were definitely times where making the timing work included eating a quick dinner before dropping our daughter off.

Parents Night Out programs are often offered during the holiday season – making a great night to get your holiday shopping done.

One thing we learned was not to pickup too early from Parents Night Out. They are usually finishing the movie at pickup time so my daughter rarely wanted to leave early. We often found ourselves stopping at a coffee shop for the last 45 minutes after dinner.

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