Happy Halloween from Ann Arbor with Kids

Happy Halloween from Ann Arbor with Kids

We’re certainly waking up to a gloomy Halloween. Fortunately, the rain is scheduled to roll out before lunch.

Happy Halloween from Ann Arbor with Kids

Ann Arbor Halloween Weather

We’re waking up to a gloomy Halloween Morning. Fortunately, the rain is scheduled to roll out before lunch. With the Main Street Halloween Treat Parade starting at 11a, you should be great.

Halloween Morning Weather - rain ending by noon

The weather also looks dry for trick or treating this evening. It looks like it will be dipping into the low 40s, but dry and minimal wind.

Halloween Evening Weather - Dry but cool

Daytime Activities

If you have little ones at home during the day, we recommend the Main Street Treat Parade.

Start with the AADL halloween party with sessions at 10a or 11:30a.

With the parade starting at 11a, you may need to delay your start a little while- just like we did the year below (I think it was 2009). Fortunately her purple rain boots perfectly complemented her Tinkerbell costume.

Ann Arbor Halloween Events - Main Street Treat Parade

At the Halloween Treat Parade, I have heard great things about the candy handed out at the courthouse. I know we always skipped it because you can’t bring cameras or phones inside. Unless the procedure has changed (my daughter’s in 7th grade, so it’s been 8 years), you’ll need to make a plan for one adult in your group to stay outside.

Halloween Dinner

Make Halloween dinner easy with some of our local Halloween Dining Deals. We’re planning on IHOP after school for her last free scary face pancake. She’ll be too old next year.

2018 Ann Arbor Halloween Dining Deals

Ann Arbor Trick or Treat

Many local communities have set Trick or Treat times. Be sure to check our guide to find times in your area.

Ann Arbor Trick or Treat Times

After Halloween

If you’ve collected too much candy (or have too much leftover), be sure to check out our list of Candy Buy Back programs.

Ann Arbor Halloween Candy Buy Back Programs

And be ready, we will be rolling out Christmas content starting tomorrow! I have been busy this week adding events and updating articles with 2018 information.



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