Great Deal at Rave Cinemas

My family is a popcorn family. My husband air pops it several times a week. So when we go to the movies, we can’t be without popcorn.

Today my daughter and I took advantage of the cold day to meet a few friends at Rave Cinemas to see The Nut Job. My friend’s kids were lucky as she pulled into the lot just as I was walking in, so she dropped them off at the door and they got to avoid the walk in from the car…boy was that cold.

When she dropped her kids off, I noticed that they each had a popcorn bucket and a drink cup. She told me about the deal and I knew it was a no-brainer for us. Rave is selling a popcorn bucket and drink cup that can be refilled through December 31, 2014. You can purchase each one (full) for $6.50 or both for $12. Refills of either are just $3 all year (through 12/31/2014). So, on subsequent visits you get a giant soda (or Icee) and a popcorn for $6. (note, tax is not included).

Often times, if it is just my daughter and I at a matinee, I will buy the Kids Combo which is $5.50. The $6 to for a much larger popcorn and drink is a great bargain (compared to typical theater prices).

I know we’re going as a family to see at least a few movies this year…Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hobbit: There & Back Again. With the three of us, we might actually buy a larger popcorn, but the drink would still be worth it.


Also, the first matinee showing of each movie is only $5.25, so we saw the first show of The Nut Job for $5.25 each.

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