Gleaner Day at Greenfield Village

Steam Engine at Greenfield Village

We love Greenfield Village and had a great time visiting in August. I love how knowledgable the staff is and how they can answer almost any question that you have. We had great conversations with staff at both the Round House and the Edison Illuminating Company’s Station A. I asked a question about the antique light bulbs lighting the ceiling and how often they needed to be replaced. We learned that they are actually have very long lives and there is even one of this style in a janitor’s closet in California that was installed by Thomas Edison and is still functional today. The bulb now remains on 24-7 and even has a special power source to protect it from power outages and fluctuations.

Gleaner Day at Greenfield Village is on Saturday, October 5. If you donate 5 non-perishable goods, you will receive a buy one, get one free Greenfield Village Admission deal. The non-perishable goods will be donated to Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan. The event is sponsored by Gleaner Life Insurance Society.

The free ticket is of equal or lesser value than the one purchased, so you would have to purchase an adult ticket for you and receive your child for free.

Also, don’t forget to book your tickets for Hallowe’en at Greenfield Village. We’ve had a great time in years past.

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