Getting Started: Indoor Play Places

Are you just getting started in Ann Arbor with kids? Whether you have a new baby, just moved here, have recently become a stay at home parent, or are looking for new ideas, this series will help you get settled into your new life.

There are a number of great indoor play places in the area for the kids. They range from playgrounds to inflatables to toys. <September 2015 Update – Several of the venues listed below have closed, so I have marked which ones are no longer available>

Indoor Playgrounds (Admission Charge):
Jungle Java (Ann Arbor and Canton)
Chelsea Treehouse (Chelsea)
The Jungle Gym (Ypsilanti)

We have visited both Jungle Java and Chelsea Treehouse several times in the last few months. I live the location of Ann Arbor’s Jungle Java and may give the food a slight edge. However, Chelsea Treehouse has great sofas instead of cafe tables and chairs.

Inflatable places:
Xtreme Bounce Zone
Jump City

Pump It Up (Canton)


My Urban Toddler (Saline)

We loved My Urban Toddler until my daughter was 5. Now she has outgrown their play area which came at a good time since they updated their cost structure in March 1, 2012.

Free Play areas:
Briarwood Mall
Chuck E Cheese

The mall play area is great for little kids or for a few minutes for older children during a shopping trip. Several area McDonald’s have indoor playgrounds. We have been to the locations on Lohr Rd, Michigan Ave in Saline, and Michigan Ave at US-23 (by Sam’s Club). The location by Sam’s Club also has iPads in the main dining area. My daughter loves playing on the iPad while eating and then playing on the playground. My only complaint is that they have a computer touch screen in the play area and my daughter wants to sit and play games on that instead of playing on the structure. The location on Lohr Rd has very limited seating in the play area. All McDonalds offer free WiFi for the parents.

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