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Frita Batidos – Restaurant Review

Last night we had our first dinner at Frita Batidos as a family. My daughter and I had previously visited as part of a group and wanted to return as a family.

Frita Batidos - Collage

Frita Batidos offers Cuban street food. Fritas are burgers and Batidos are tropical milkshakes.

Frita Batidos Menu


A Frita is Cuban burger made with spicy chorizo. Frita Batidos switches this up and offers several varieties – chorizon, chicken, fish, beef, and black bean. The fritas are topped with fries on an egg bun.


On our first visit, my daughter shared a chicken frita with a friend and I had the fish. This time we shared a fish frita. The chicken frita is made with ground chicken and spices to be more like a burger than a chicken breast sandwich. The fish frita patty reminded me of a crab cake (but with fish). My husband opted for the beef frita.

Frita Batidos - Fish Frita

At an added cost, you can add toppings to your frita – Muenster cheese, cilantro-lime salsa, tropical slaw, avocado spread, bacon, egg. My husband added cheese and salsa to his frita.


A Batido is a tropical milkshake made with ice, fresh fruit, and ice cream. My daughter and I each had the Coconut Cream on our first visit. This time the three of us shared a Passion Fruit and a Coconut Cream. I preferred the Coconut Cream, but both were very good.

Frita Batidos - Passionfruit and Coconut Cream Batidos

Other Batidos flavors are Fresh Lime, Hibiscus, Chocolate Espanol, and a seasonal Batido. They also offer a lighter batido with mango, pineapple, and just a spoonful of ice cream.



For dessert, Frita Batidos offers Churros. These are a bargain at $2 each. My family of 3 split 2 Churros, and even brought some home.

Churros Espanol is a serving of 2 churros and a side of dipping chocolate.


Other Menu Offerings

In addition to the fries that come on the burger, we added a small order of Garlic Cilantro Fries. It was plenty for the 3 of us to share. Regular fries are also available as a side item.

Frita Batidos - Beef Frita & Garlic Cilantro Fries

We had several people recommend “The Best Snack Ever” – coconut ginger rice, cheese, cilantro-lime salsa, and black beans. I’m not a big fan of black beans, but it sounds delicious.

They also offer plantain crisps, tropical slaw, coconut-ginger rice, and a Light Bright salad.

Kids Menu

Frita Batidos offers a kids menu. At 12, my daughter shared with me instead of ordering from the kids menu. The Kids Menu offers a mini frita (beef or black bean only), mini grilled cheese, and mini ham and cheese. All are served with fries and fruit garnish.

I appreciate their simpler kids menu offerings. With simple items like a grilled cheese it is easier for families whose children have a less adventurous palate to eat at Frita Batidos.


Frita Batidos Atmosphere

Frita Batidos features Cuban Street Food. The atmosphere pays tribute to this heritage with picnic tables, and lighting. During the daytime the restaurant is bright. At night, the lights are dimmed and the tables have candles.


Frita Batidos is a combination of a counter-service and table-service restaurant. You order at the counter, but then your food is brought out to you and the staff cleans up and attends to your needs.


Frita Batidos offers community seating at indoor picnic tables and seating at two bar counters – one in the front window and one in the back. There is also a picnic table or two outside for nice days. It was raining (and 50) when we arrived, so no one was sitting outside.

Frita Batidos

When they are busy it can be a challenge to find a seat. On our visit, it seemed to work out that people would leave as new people placed their order and looked for seats.


The picnic bench seating might be difficult for families with younger children. Update – a reader just told me they have high chairs that attach to the table. You just need to ask for them. If you have a stroller, it is probably better to leave it outside than to try to navigate inside with it.


You are seated at communal picnic tables which allows for maximum seating. It also means there is a lot of noise. When your food is ready, the staff brings it out and calls your name. I could barely hear them calling our name.

I would not recommend Frita Batidos for families with children who are sensitive to noise or need extra personal space.


Visiting Frita Batidos

Frita Batidos is in Downtown Ann Arbor. They are on Washington St just west of Main Street. Their address is 117 W. Washington, Ann Arbor.

Frita Batidos is open daily. Their operating hours are: 11a-11p Sunday through Wednesday, and 11a-midnight Thursday through Saturday.

Frita Batidos Review

We definitely enjoyed our visits to Frita Batidos. They are a great option for a quicker meal. I prefer visiting in daylight hours when it isn’t so dark in the restaurant.

It is definitely on our list to return in the future. I’d like to try some other menu options.

Have you been to Frita Batidos? What’s your favorite dish there?


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  1. I always get the beef frita with an extra side of garlic cilantro fries – their fries are great. I’ve never ordered a Batido for myself but a friend had the chocolate one once, and I was surprised that it was more like a slushee vs. a milkshake.

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