Free Movies are Back: Morning Movies at Quality 16

Quality 16 is bringing back their Free Weekend Matinees starting on March 4. They have a great lineup planned this spring for the Morning Movie Series. This spring movies will be shown only at 10a, but they have added a Friday showing. I wish they had the Friday shows when my daughter was in preschool. We probably would have attended more movies than we are able to on the weekend.

Free Movies at Quality 16

Free Movies: Lineup

The lineup for the Free Morning Movies this spring is great! 

I love that they have included an older movie – Princess Bride. We showed my daughter the movie a few years ago and she loved it. I’m happy that we’ll get to see the movie again on the big screen.

There are a couple of movies on the list that we didn’t get a chance to see when they were in theaters. I’d like to see Max (4/8-10) and my daughter wants to see Hotel Transylvania 2 (4/1-3).

We’ve previously reviewed the movies Goosebumps and Minions both of which my daughter enjoyed. 


Free Movies: Logistics

Members of Quality 16’s Frequent Moviegoers Club (FMG) will receive up to 6 FREE admissions for each movie. Non-members will be charged $1/ticket. 

It is free to join the Frequent Moviegoers Club. In addition to the free movies, FMG members can earn points on ticket and concessions towards future gift cards or concessions.

Morning Movie Schedule

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