RCTC Culinary Program bakers - Two chefs decorating a multi-tiered cake

RCTC Culinary Arts & Bakery Science

The RCTC Culinary Arts & Bakery Science program at Ypsilanti Community Schools is offering Thanksgiving Sides & Baked Goods.

Thanksgiving sides will be frozen and ready to heat and serve or defrost and serve. Sides include stuffing, potatoes, squash, green bean casserole, carrots, orange & cranberry relish, gravy, and mac & cheese

Their bakery items include rolls, lemon tart, cookie dough, pies, cinnamon rolls, and eclairs.

The proceeds from the sale will support the program’s competition teams.

RCTC Thanksgiving
Sides & Baked Goods Menu
Pickup Nov 21 9a-4p
See order page for full menu and pricing that is in the image.

Order deadline is November 15

Offered by: RCTC Culinary Arts & Bakery Science


  1. 2100 Packard Street, Ypsilanti, MI, USA

Preorder by: November 15, 2023
Pickup: November 21, 2023-November 21, 2023

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