Michigan Football Gameday without Tickets

Experience UM Game Day Without Tickets

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Even if you don’t have tickets there are plenty of fun ways to experience UM game day around town. If you are going to the game, be sure to check out our tips for attending a game with kids.


UM Marching Band

The UM Marching Band typically practices at Elbel Field the night before the game.

A typical schedule before a noon game is:

  • 7a Rehearsal on Elbel Field
  • 10:30a – Percussion Step Show at Revelli Hall
  • 11a – Revelli Exit – walking to stadium
  • 11:45a – Pregame Performance

For a 3:30p Kickoff:

  • 10a Rehearsal on Elbel Field
  • 2p – Percussion Step Show at Revelli Hall
  • 2:30p – Revelli Exit – walking to stadium
  • 3:15p – Pregame Performance

For a 7:30p Kickoff (Michigan State):

  • 2p Rehearsal on Elbel Field
  • 6p – Percussion Step Show at Revelli Hall
  • 6:30p – Revelli Exit – walking to stadium
  • 7:15p – Pregame Performance

The Revelli Exit is one of our favorite Game Day traditions! MMB Alumni: do you remember your first Revelli Exit?#UMichBand #GoBlue #TakeTheField

Posted by The University of Michigan Marching Band on Thursday, September 30, 2021

Game Day Eats

Washtenaw Dairy typically makes Go Blue donuts on game day. They’re only a couple of blocks from the stadium. It would be easy to grab your donuts, walk over to Elbel Field to see the band, and then walk down to the stadium.

It’s Game Day!!!! 〽️🏈🍩❤️Get your 〽️aize and Blue Donuts and why not grab a coffee/hot chocolate box to help keep warm!!!! ☕️ Go Blue! 🏈〽️❤️

Posted by Washtenaw Dairy on Saturday, November 6, 2021

Mr Spot’s is a favorite among the athletic department. We have often seen members of the football team and athletic department having lunch or dinner there – but not on game day.

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Experience a Tailgate

A couple of years ago my daughter and I volunteered with her class to collect cans at the UM Golf Course from tailgates. We were assigned a night game, so our original afternoon slot ended up being during the tailgate. Even though we were working, it was a festive atmosphere. If you have friends tailgating at the game, make sure to walk by.

Michigan Football - Tailgating at Golf Course (Collecting Cans & Bottles)

There are tailgates at the UM Golf Course, Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club, and the Brown Lot.

Watch the TV PreGame Live

Most seasons Ann Arbor will host at least one of the major pre-game broadcast crews. Broadcast locations can vary from main campus to the Pioneer lot to outside the stadium. For last year’s UM-OSU game both ESPN and FOX had their pre-game broadcast crews in Ann Arbor. Broadcast locations are typically announced the week of the game and we will be sure to update with any broadcasts as they are announced.

October 29 – vs Michigan State

Fox Big Noon Kickoff was at the last 4 Michigan games (both home and away), but with an evening game, they are not in town this week). We will check for future home games.


Watch the Skies

The Goodyear blimp is often in town for big games. You can sometimes catch a glimpse of it at the Ann Arbor airport before or after the game.

An F-116 flyover is scheduled before kickoff of some games. If you are near the stadium you should see them. Sometimes you can see the planes practicing the day before or earlier in the day.

There are also small planes flying banners over the stadium in the hours before the game.

  • October 15 vs Penn State – Air Force F-16’s from the 112th Fighter Squadron of the 180th Fighter Wing
  • October 29 vs Michigan State – A-10 Warthogs from the 107th Fighter Squadron of the 112th Fighter Wing.


If you decide to head to campus, make sure to plan how to get there and where to park (if driving).

If you are driving, I have found that the main routes from the highway are the worst roads to take. But if you’re a local, the secondary roads usually have less traffic. Also, remember that Main St is closed alongside the stadium.

Take note of game day parking restrictions near the stadium. If you are a UM employee with a Blue Pass (my husband has one), we have found that main campus lots will honor the blue permit, but those near the athletic campus will not. We’ve parked in the Thompson St Garage before with a blue permit at no charge. I believe this is the closest blue lot to the stadium, but they do charge non-permit holders.


Celebrate at Home

Even if you stick closer to home on game day, kick off the game with a driveway tailgate. Then head inside to the warmth to watch the game. We shared at home tailgate tips a couple of years ago.

ShareYourSpirit with an At-Home Tailgate

Watch the Game

Don’t forget to watch the game at home. For night games, I would consider using our projector to watch the game outside so we could invite friends over.

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