Easter Bunny Photo Bomb

Easter Bunny Visits in 2020

2020 Ann Arbor Easter is very different than past years since Easter falls during the COVID-19 stay at home order (Check out our COVID-19 information and resources). This year there will be no opportunities to meet the Easter Bunny, attend Egg Hunts, or go to brunch. We look forward to all of the great Easter events returning for 2021.

Briarwood Mall Easter Bunny
2011 Easter Bunny at Briarwood


Now that my daughter is 14, she doesn’t want to visit anymore – so she is not missing the Bunny in 2020. However, we visited yearly when she was younger. Fortunately there are some options to “visit” the Easter Bunny virtually.

Virtual Easter Bunny Photos

CatchACharacter is a FREE app that lets you add photo Easter Bunny (or Santa or Tooth Fairy) stickers to a photo from your camera roll. There is a PRO version for $1.99 that gives you more options for the stickers to add (20 vs 3). Check out the Easter Bunny photobombing a picture of my daughter.

Easter Bunny Photo Bomb


Bunny Footprints

You can leave bunny footprints the night before Easter. Many suggestions are for flour, but that is a precious commodity right now. Talcum powder is another option. You can also search for footprints to print and cut out.

Easter Bunny Crafts

Do you have old worn out socks floating around? Grab a few and make sock puppet Easter Bunnies. Paper Plates are also a good base for an Easter Bunny. You can even glue cotton balls on to make a fuzzy bunny. Check out our Pinterest Easter board for more ideas.


Briarwood Mall Easter Bunny

Briarwood Mall closed due to COVID-19 before the Easter Bunny arrived this year. It will not reopen before Easter, so he will not be at the mall in 2019.

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