2018 Day Out With Thomas at Crossroads Village -

Day out with Thomas at Crossroads Village

Disclosure: This article and giveaway for Day Out With Thomas is sponsored by Genesee County Parks. All opinions are my own.

Day Out With Thomas is a dream come true for your Thomas loving toddler or preschooler. My daughter loved attending Day Out with Thomas as a toddler and preschooler. She read the books, watched the movies, and played with the trains – both the wooden trains and the LEGO DUPLO trains that were made at the time.

Day Out With Thomas - Thomas and Carriages
Photo Provided by Genesse County Parks

Day Out With Thomas

Day Out With Thomas is a fun family friendly event when Thomas visits railroads around the country. At Day Out With Thomas, families can ride on train cars pulled by Thomas, play with the latest Thomas Toys, and enjoy Thomas stories and movies.

Day Out With Thomas - On the Train
Photo Provided by Genesse County Parks

Thomas the Train will be at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad in Flint for Day Out with Thomas on Friday-Sunday August 17-19 and again from Friday-Sunday August 24-26. Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad are a little over an hour from Ann Arbor.

2018 Day Out With Thomas at Crossroads Village -We attended Day Out With Thomas three times when my daughter was younger, including once at Crossroads Village. At Crossroads Village, we loved that the carriages looked like Annie and Clarabel (Thomas’s carriages).



One of the highlights for my daughter was always playing with the Thomas train tables. A word of warning, trains are provided for play. If your child brings their own trains to the event, it is best to keep them off of the tables so they don’t get mixed up with the provided trains.

Day Out With Thomas - Crossroads Village - Playing with Trains

If you need to take a break from the sun, head inside the historic school where Thomas movies are playing on a TV.

Day Out With Thomas - Movies in the Schoolhouse

One cool feature of Day Out With Thomas is the hay maze. The kids love exploring and it’s just the right size for them.

Day Out With Thomas - Crossroads Village - Hay Maze
Photo provided by Genesee County Parks

At Crossroads Village, Thomas is joined by his friend Bob the Builder for a show.

Day Out with Thomas - Bob the Builder

Day Out With Thomas Tickets

Tickets can sell out for Day Out With Thomas, so I definitely suggest buying tickets in advance. The sooner you buy your tickets, the more choice you will have of times to ride Thomas.

You can purchase your timed tickets in advance for your ride on Thomas. Your $22 ticket includes admission to Crossroads Village and a ride on the train pulled by Thomas. Children ages 2 and up will need a ticket. You may enter the village at any time, but your ticket will be for a train ride at a specific time.

Day Out With Thomas - Crossing
Photo Provided by Genesse County Parks


Thomas will be at Crossroads Village on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from August 17-26. Rides start on the hour from 10a-3p each day. The Village is open until 5p.


Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad

Crossroads Village is a typical Great Lakes village from the turn of the 20th century. Huckleberry Railroad is a steam train that operates around the Village with a 40 minute ride. Crossroads Village is part of the Genesee County Parks System. They are in Flint, about an hour drive north from Ann Arbor.

Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad

Crossroads Village features 34 historic structures, villagers, and more. Kids won’t want to miss their historic amusement rides – a historic Wheel, Carousel, mini-train, Venetian Gondolas, and pony carts. My daughter loved the Venetian Gondolas – but it was quite a workout for dad.

Venetian Swing at Crossroads Village


Family 4 Pack of Tickets Giveaway

Genesee County Parks is providing a Family 4 Pack of Tickets for one lucky Ann Arbor with Kids reader. The tickets are tentatively for Friday, August 24 at 11a. Day and time will be confirmed before the giveaway ends.  Crossroads Village. The Ticket Giveaway ends on July 31.
Day Out with Thomas Crossroads 2018

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  1. We went to Day with Thomas 2+ years ago and our little girl loved it. We’ve been meaning to return with our little guy— now that they are coming so close, we might have to head North!

  2. I took my son to this last year at Greenfield Village and he loved it. We were going to go this year, but it was too expensive. I didn’t know it was coming to Flint. I would love to take him!

  3. My kids like Percy. We are planning on going to Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad sometime that first weekend anyway. Is the regular train running during this event, too?

  4. My kids have a cousin named Emily and their Granny has a neighbor named Mavis so those 2 top their list of favorite trains!

  5. James Spencer

    My preschooler LOVES Thomas! He has a Thomas bed/bedspread, Thomas toys and train sets, Thomas shoes. Not to mention the many DVD’s he watches of Thomas And Friends.

    He would love to go to this Day Out With Thomas! Thanks for the opportunity, I’ve been a longtime FB follower, you are a great resource for parents in the Ann Arbor area.

  6. Sarah Williams

    My son is crazy about trains! We’ve never been to Day out with Thomas before.

  7. My son LOVES Thomas and adorably refers to his Thomas train toys as “Tommy”. We’ve never been to a Day out with Thomas before but I could imagine he would absolutely get wide eyed at getting to see his Tommy!

  8. Percy is the favorite here, besides Thomas of course! I would love to take my son who turns 3 in a few days 🙂

  9. My son is a big fan of the whole Thomas crew, but he especially loves Henery! He’d love to have the chance to go see the trains!

  10. We took our Thomas-obsessed daughter last year and she LOVED it. She still talks about getting to meet Thomas. At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but it was totally worth it. There were plenty of activities through-out the park to keep her occupied for a full day, both those for the Thomas event and those regularly at Crossroads Village (we did some of the rides and saw the apple press!), Best day of the whole year! The park was great at handling the crowds too!

  11. My son is a huge Thomas fan and would love this. Thank you for a fun blog with reviews and information for moms!

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