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Start A New Tradition At One Of These Ann Arbor Christmas Tree Farms

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For many families, cutting their own Christmas Tree is an annual tradition – or one they want to start. Check out these local Ann Arbor Christmas Tree Farms.

Be sure to check the Tree Farms dates of operation and hours. We don’t recommend waiting until the last minute – one year there was a big storm on the last weekend many farms were open and they closed early. Besides, who doesn’t want more time to enjoy your tree.


Christmas Tree Farms Near Me

Ann Arbor Christmas Tree Farms

Personally, I’ve always had an artificial tree, but over the years readers have asked me where they can go to get their tree. Thanks to reader suggestions over the years for their input in this list of Ann Arbor area Christmas Tree Farms.

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Urquhart’s Tree Farm

Urquhart’s Tree Farm offers a very flexible experience for getting your Christmas Tree.

They offer full-service on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting the Friday after Thanksgiving through Saturday, December 19. Full service includes all fields open, staff help available, gift shop & refreshments, and restrooms.

Limited service will be available the weekend before Thanksgiving. There will only be one field, and greeters with a shaker and baler running. But no amenities like restrooms, refreshments, or gift shop.

Self-Service is available on weekdays starting November 21 and from December 18- December 24. Only two fields will be available with no staff. A baler will be available for your use.

This year they are resuming their hot drink service with hot chocolate, hot cider, tea, and coffee at the indoor heated gift shop. They will have outdoor shopping areas with refreshments, but not hot beverages.

At a Glance

Address: Urquhart’s Tree Farm, 10050 Jerusalem Road, Chelsea, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 19, 2022-December 24, 2022
Hours: 10a-5p Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Limited service November 20-21. Self serve weekdays and December 19


Braun’s Trees

Braun’s Trees offer 50 acres of trees to select from representing a wide variety of tree species. They also offer pre-cut trees, wreaths, garland, and tree stands.

Their Tree varieties include:

  • Douglas Fir
  • Fraser/Balsam/Canaan Fir
  • Concolor Fir
  • Colorado Blue Spruce
  • White Spruce
  • Serbian Spruce

At a Glance

Address: Braun’s Tree Farm, 796 Warren Road, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 25, 2022-
Hours: 10a-dark Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays


Schweda’s Tree Farm

Schweda’s Tree Farm does not have an online presence. I called on November 17 and got their 2022 schedule.

Phone number: 517-596-2253

At a Glance

Address: Schweda’s Tree Farm, 6991 Welch Lake Road, Grass Lake, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 25, 2022-
Hours: Daily 10a-5:30p


Bunch o’Pines

Bunch O’ Pines offers several varieties of Christmas trees.

They are not opening until the Friday after Thanksgiving this year. They have traditionally opened the weekend before.

Trees are $8/foot.

At a Glance

Address: 2550 Fishville Road, Grass Lake, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 25, 2022-
Hours: 10a-5:30p daily. They don’t list a closing date
$8/foot. Complimentary hot cocoa and homemade sugar cookies. Cash or check, no cards.


Hillside Christmas Tree Farm

This year fir trees return and are cut from a first cut field including the first time they are offering the Korean Fir. Likewise, spruce trees move to a first-cut field with Colorado Blue and Black Hills varieties.. Scotch Pine trees are available..

You can reach the fields by their tractor and wagon rides, driving or walking with a tree cart.

The Christmas Barn, Kids Play Area, and Christmas Sing Along are all back for 2022

Make sure to bring cash or a check book since they do not accept credit cards.

At a Glance

Address: Hillside Christmas Tree Farm, 14745 Sharon Hollow Road, Manchester, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 19, 2022-December 11, 2022
Hours: Weekends 10a-5p plus, Friday, November 25
Prices start at $3/foot for sale spurce trees and go to $12/foot full price fir trees. Trees from 7-12′ are priced individually. $2/baling/wrapping and $2 for tree bag.


Arend Tree Farm

Arend Tree Farms has several varieties of trees for cut-your-own or pre-cut. The Grass Lake location has several fields with different addresses based on your desired variety. See their site for more detail.

At a Glance

Address: Arend Tree Farms, Notten Road, Grass Lake, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 19, 2022-December 23, 2022
Hours: 9a-5p (Preseason opening November 19 & 20, daily from November 25)
Cut Your Own: $60/Douglas Fir, $70/Fraser or Canaan Fir. Pre-Cut: Start at $10/based on size.


Westman’s Christmas Tree Farm

Westman’s Christmas Tree Farm in Dexter offers a selection of trees. This year they will only have trees in the 6-8 foot range.

The Snack Shack will have hot chocolate, cider, and coffee plus Dexter bakery donuts and Girl Scout cookies for purchase. It is only open on weekends. The Snack Shack will not be available as a warming hut again this year.

You can also purchase wreathes in 4 sizes (note, the extra large wreaths sell out quickly)

They provide hand saws, tree shaking, baling and trunk drilling free of charge.

Note: Westman’s Tree Farm only accepts cash and check.

At a Glance

Address: Westman’s Christmas Tree Farm, 8000 Chamberlin Road, Dexter, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 25, 2022-
Hours: 9a-dusk Saturdays & Sundays; 3:30-dusk Mondays-Fridays. No closing day listed


Waldock Tree Farm

Waldock Tree Farm offers cut-your-own trees including a variety of fir trees – Caanan, Frasier, and Concolor. Their trees run from 6-10 feet with a couple larger and some small trees (2-5′).

They offer saws and all trees are shaken, wrapped, and drilled for pin type stands at no extra charge.

Donuts are available in 6 & 12 packs. The gift shop will not be open this year.

They will only be open due to December 3rd because of limited trees.

At a Glance

Address: Waldock Tree Farm, 3090 Dutcher Road, Howell, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 25, 2022-December 3, 2022
Hours: 9a-5p. Only open Friday, November 25, Saturday, November 26, Sunday, November 27, and Saturday December 3
Not listed


Effner Tree Farm

Effner Tree Farm offers Blue Spruce Trees for $30. Find the one you want and they will cut it down for you.

They have trees in a variety of sizes.

At a Glance

Address: 1862 Samer Road, Milan, MI, USA
Season: Seasonal – November 26, 2022-December 18, 2022


If you know of another Tree Farm in the area, please add it in the comments or send it via email.

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  1. HI This is Tammy Westman, Westman’s Christmas Tree Farm. If we could update our ad. We have a gift shop that offers hot chocolate, hot cider, fresh donuts from Dexter Bakery and girl scout cookies. We have a large variety of wreaths including hard to get large wreaths 24-30 inches.

  2. Can you tell me if Brauns Tree farm has closed permanently? I tried email and phone The phone is disconnected and the email wouldn’t go through Would like to know before I travel there for my tree this year.
    Lind Potestio

  3. Their website is still up, so I tried calling and emailing and had the same experience. My guess is they are not open, and suggest looking at the list for another farm for this year. If I get a chance I will drive by to see if it looks like they are open. But if they deleted a yahoo email, my guess is they have closed.

  4. Braun’s is open! They are open Friday-Sun 10am to dark (5pm). Last I knew they priced their trees at $10/ft. (I got all this info when driving by their signs posted and I can see the very busy parking lot from my house!)

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