Christmas Countdown: Reading Christmas Books

My daughter’s idea for yesterday’s Christmas Countdown activity was to read our selection of Christmas books. She had been asking where the Hallmark Snowpeople books were so she was thrilled to see them. However, as she was going through the books, she was getting worried.

The Polar Express was missing. I sent her up to her room to check the bookcase and it turns out it has been on her bookshelf all year. She gathered up Polar Express and the Snow People book and settled into her reading chair in our reading room.

Reading Christmas Books

Meanwhile I was arranging some Christmas decorations on the ledge when she came out disappointed. “I though we were going to read them together.” So we moved over to the love seat and began to read. She picked The Polar Express as her first book.

When we started reading I asked her if she wanted to read or if she wanted me to read. She started reading and after a few pages, let me read…about half a page before she started reading with me. So I let her read, and we would trade, but every time I started to read she would join in after a few lines. After The Polar Express we read two of the Snow People books. I better make sure she gets this year’s book.

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The Polar Express

My daughter’s copy of The Polar Express was given to her on her first Christmas Eve by my sister-in-law complete with Santa’s bell. While I had never read the book previously, it was my sister-in-law’s tradition to read the book each year.

Even if you have your own copy of The Polar Express, you may want to checkout the Amazon page for it as it includes recipes (Candy Cane Sugar Cookies, Polar Chocolate Nougat Caramel Squares and Christmas Snowball Cookies) and activity sheets (Word Search, Crossword, and Maze).

I am sure that we are not done with The Polar Express for the season. We will probably watch The Polar Express movie another day as a Christmas Countdown Activity. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

In looking through our Christmas books, I realized that we don’t own a copy of Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Since watching the animated Christmas special is an annual tradition, it surprised me that we didn’t own the book. While we were out shopping this weekend, we bought a copy. Now, reading it can be a holiday tradition as well.


Olive the Other Reindeer

When my daughter was a toddler, I bought her the book Olive the Other Reindeer. About a little dog named Olive who thinks the line “All of the Other Reindeer” is about her.

Little Golden Books Christmas Books

Both my husband and I loved the Little Golden Book series when we were growing up. When our daughter was born, we had trouble finding them and would buy a book anytime we saw a new book. We have several of the books I selected below:

Your Favorites

What is your family’s favorite Christmas book?

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