Chipotle Now Has a Kid’s Menu!

Yesterday we went to lunch at Chipotle on State St in Ann Arbor. As my daughter and I were waiting for the rest of our group to arrive, one of the employees walked over and handed me a card with a kids menu. They told me they introduced it about a month ago. I don’t know if it is at all Chipotle stores yet, but I am hopeful that it is also at the Briarwood Mall location with the holidays coming.

I didn’t bring the menu card home with me, so I am doing this from memory. I believe there were 4 items:
  • Cheese Quesadilla
  • Meat Quesadilla (select your meat)
  • Single Taco with up to 3 ingredients (only 1 meat or guacamole)
  • Build your own Taco with 2 shells and up to 3 ingredients (only 1 meat or guacamole)
The kids meals all included a kids bag of chips and either a juice box, milk, or chocolate milk.
My daughter wanted a taco, so we opted for the Build Your Own Taco. The cost differential to the single taco was only $0.45 ($3.95 vs $3.50) so I felt it was worth it to get the extra food. She ate a quarter of the second taco so I am glad that we selected this option. Kids can select between crispy shells or soft shells. My daughter selected chicken, cheese, and corn salsa as her 3 ingredients. The portions of each ingredient were quite substantial and there was some of each left after making her tacos. For a quick dinner on the go, I actually finished her taco and used extra tortillas to eat the extra meat and sides.
Of the Mexican chains, we used to avoid Chipotle because of their lack of a children’s meal. In the past year, I figured out that I could order the 3 tacos meal and split it with my daughter – 2 for me and 1 for her. This is definitely a win for Chipotle as my daughter will now be ordering her own meal. As my daughter’s appetite grows and one taco is not sufficient, it is also a win for us since I won’t have to buy her the three taco plate. I would have really liked the quesadilla option when she was younger since it is easier to eat than a taco.
Overall, I felt the kids meals were a good value for a counter service restaurant. They were roughly the same price as Panera and included the drink which Panera does not. Actually, as an adult, both my sister and I commented that the kids Build Your Own Taco is what we would order if we could. The portion size was just right for us.

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