Chela's Restaurant Review - Patio with insets of taco/tamle & elote

Chela’s – Restaurant Review

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We first dined at Bobcat Bonnie’s Ypsilanti as a family in February 2020. Throughout the pandemic, it has been one of our favorite locations for takeout. They have a nice selection of vegan and vegetarian options when we are dining with friends who are vegetarian. My husband and I returned on a date night outdoors.

Chela's Food - Elote- 2 tamales - tamale & taco

About Chela’s


Dining Locations

Outdoor Dining

Chela’s has a great outdoor patio behind the building. After placing your order at the counter, stop at the second counter to pickup your drinks and any salsas. Then, head for the patio door at the rear of the restaurant.

The patio has a number of tables and individual benches. Each bench seat had a cushion. No need to worry about kids tipping, the seats were quit e heavy and I had trouble moving mine closer to the table. However, none of the seating has backs. My daughter and I actually ended up switching seats when our food arrived. We started at a table for 2, but when our food arrived, we realized it would be a tight fit on the table. Since it was relatively empty, we moved to a larger table.

Chelas - Outdoor Patio

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Indoor Dining

The indoor dining room at Chela’s features numerous colorful tables. When your food is ready, they will deliver it to your table.

Take Out

We have gotten take out from Chela’s several times. Take out orders can be placed online or made in person when you arrive. After placing your takeout order, head to the second counter behind the door partition to pickup your drinks and sauces. Your order will be brought here when it is ready.


Tacos & Tamales

Over many visits, we have gotten a variety of items. Most recently, my daughter and I have chosen the Daily Special which is 2 tacos or tamales with rice and beans. On this visit, my daughter and I opted to skip the special. She did get a taco and a tamale. She went with vegetarian options – vegetable taco and cheese tamale.

Chelas - Taco & Tamale

I went with 2 tamales – a chicken and a pineapple tamale. The pineapple tamale is a sweet tamale, providing a sweet treat at the end of the meal.

Chelas Ann Arbor - Pineapple Tamale

Side Dishes

In the past, we have done the daily special which comes with rice and beans. On this trip, we each opted for a small elote as our side dish. The small elote is half an ear of corn topped with mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, and chili tajin.

Chela's - Elote

Other Food

In the past, my daughter has gotten a torta sandwich to go and highly recommends it.


Kids Menu

At 16, my daughter is too old for the kids menu, but it provides several kid friendly alternatives. There is a taco with rice, mini burrito, cheese quesadilla, or cheese nachos.


There are a few dessert options on the menu…tres leches cake, rice pudding, and flan. The pineapple or strawberry tamales are also sweet treats to end your meal.


Group Meals

Chela’s offers two variations of a family meal to go – Taco or Tamale. The family meal includes rice, beans, chips, and salsa. We have done the taco family meal to go in the past. It fed my family of 3 for 2 meals.

Overall Thoughts

We love Chela’s. I really like their tamales and like them better than those I’ve had elsewhere. However, I have had better elotes.

In the Area


The closest playground to Chela’s is S. Maple Rd. We have also taken our food to Virginia Park and had a picnic there.

Virginia Park

South Maple Park


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