Can Someone Explain the Logic of Bag Prohibitions at Sports Events?

Today my family is attending the UM vs. Appalachian State Football game. We bought our tickets through the UM Kids Club at a great price. When I saw the ticket offer, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to attend. They are still offering the deal for other games this season (except Penn State because it is a night game).

When I was selecting a game to attend, I discounted the November 21 game (Ohio State) because of the cold temperatures. The other home games fall during the Rec & Ed soccer season and I didn’t know which would conflict with my daughter’s soccer games.

However, as I am getting ready to go to the game, I am now seeing the disadvantage of going to an early season game. None of my shorts have pockets and UM prohibits all bags. The last time I went to a game (9 years ago when I was pregnant with my now 8 year old), bags were restricted to a small size. Now, all bags are prohibited. Likewise, many other sporting venues are going this route as well. Ironic that they are making this decision at a time when they profess to wanting to attract more female fans (who typically use bags more than men).

However, I have one big problem with the bag prohibition. It is illogical. The size limit that used to be in place makes much more sense.

Here is why I think the bag prohibition is illogical. Take a look at my purse sitting atop my winter coat:


My purse is smaller than one pocket of the winter coat that I would likely wear to the November 21 game. Yes, my purse fits inside the pocket – I actually had to pull the strap out so you could see it for the picture below:

Yet, there is no problem with the pocket being filled. So for a cold seater game I can bring in 2x what I could in the purse that I’m not allowed to bring in any time?

Fortunately, I have a phone/case wallet that I can use. However, it doesn’t hold much – id, 1 credit card, a small amount of cash – a max of 5 bills which sounds like a lot until you break a $20 to buy a $3 item and end up with 4 bills in change. ($10, $5, 2 $1). And I haven’t managed to get my ticket in it yet.

Here’s hoping the phone case/wallet isn’t considered a bag:

Hopefully my husband has cargo shorts pockets that we can put my daughter’s iPod in and along with our tickets, her Go Blue Kids Card and printed email to receive her Kids Club t-shirt. I’m seriously contemplating bringing a plastic bag to carry our stuff from the car and then disposing of it before entering the gates. Then, we’ll get a bag with her t-shirt to use once inside.

And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that they installed 5 water bottle filling stations on the concourse as touted on the Fan Initiatives due to the warm temperatures for the season opener today. Yet water bottles are on the prohibited item list.

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