Move Over Halloween, It's Time for Christmas

Bye Halloween, Hello Christmas

Pooh Thanksgiving! Christmas is encroaching on Halloween more and more.

As we were shopping the week before Halloween, I saw several stores condensing their Halloween area to introduce Christmas aisles.

Halloween was yesterday, so now the changeover is complete. WNIC (100.3) in Detroit has transitioned to all Christmas music all the time.

Move Over Halloween, It's Time for Christmas

Then on Friday, November 6 Briarwood Mall will welcome Santa. The Briarwood Mall website doesn’t have any details yet, but I will be working on finding out details. My daughter and I have had fun at Santa Welcome events over the years.


I’m also on the lookout for other Holiday activities. So, if you know of some I should add, please leave them in the comments.

I have to admit the 60 degree forecast for today does have me contemplating pulling down the outdoor Halloween decorations and putting up the Christmas ones. Of course if we do we won’t be turning them on until after Thanksgiving.



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