Build a Bear – The Good & The Sad

My daughter loves Build a Bear! Over the years she has built a number of bears. However, until today she had never been to a party there.

Her Daisy Troop used their Cookie Money to fund a trip to Build a Bear. Build A Bear has a special Girl Scout Bear to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts complete with the option to add official uniforms of the different Girl Scout levels. Each girl received a 100th anniversary bear with a Daisy uniform. Several of us had received a 15% off coupon for a troop party and we also purchased discounted gift cards for Build a Bear at Costco to save some money on the party.

My daughter loved the Build-A-Bear Party. I saw a little of the beginning of the party and then left. My daughter told me about the rest. They all got a name tag with their name and then received their unstuffed bear. When I left, they had their bears on top of their head and were walking towards the stuffing machine. She told me that they all did the Build-A-Bear routine with the hearts before stuffing them in the bear. They each took turns at the stuffing machine. While the other girls were stuffing their bears, the remaining girls played games. They started with a hula hoop game where they tried to pass the hoop from girl to girl while holding hands. After they tired of that game, they switched to Duck Duck Goose. They got to dress their dolls and register them on the computer. My daughter named her bear after herself.

I am extremely impressed with my daughter’s bear. The detail on the uniform is great from the daisy petals to the flag and the girl scout insignia. They even had number stickers so the girls could add their troop number to the uniform. I definitely recommend the Girl Scout Build-A-Bear and uniform

I did consider a Build-A-Bear Party for my daughter a couple of years ago. Unfortunately they were not holding parties at the end of December.


Then, tonight we got the sad news that the Briarwood Mall Build-A-Bear location will be closing effective June 10, 2012. My daughter will definitely miss having a local Build a Bear – especially when we receive a coupon. They were always so nice in the store whether we were there making a purchase or just browsing and plotting which bear she would make next. The next closest Build a Bear location is in Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi. There are also Build-A-Bear locations in Somerset Mall in Troy and Franklin Park Mall in Toledo.

Build-A-Bear is having a Friends Count Reunion this weekend (May 24-27), so RSVP to attend and receive a FREE t-shirt for your bear.

Disclaimer: I am a Build-A-Bear Affiliate and am compensated for sales on Build-A-Bear Workshop – Homepage. I am not compensated for referrals to the store. All opinions are 100% mine. Build-A-Bear


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