Briarwood Mall Santa Breakfast Review

Saturday morning my family attended Briarwood Mall’s Santa Breakfast at California Pizza Kitchen.

We arrived a few minutes before the breakfast began at 8a and were the first ones seated. We were concerned there would be a long line. We had attended a Santa Breakfast at CPK in 2006 and there was a long line when we arrived. This year I was surprised that the breakfast was not more crowded.

Shortly after we arrived, my daughter was given a goody bag from – a CPK pencil and a coupon for a free kids meal. We will definitely be using the free kids meal since my daughter loves CPK.

Breakfast was all inclusive breakfast pizza buffet including beverages. We enjoyed the breakfast pizzas, even my daughter who doesn’t like eggs. I do wish there was an alternate food item such as pancakes since I know a number of kids who do not like eggs. We saw another table with bowls of fruit (pineapple and grapes that CPK typically serves from the kids menu) and I asked for a bowl as well.

Cookie Decorating

They also had cookies from Mrs. Fields for the kids to decorate. They had bowl of red, green, and white icing as well as various types of sprinkles. Of course, my daughter picked red icing. While she was fine at the decorating station, she managed to get red icing on her ivory dress while eating the cookie. Fortunately it came out in the wash when we got home.


My only complaint was how long it took for Santa to arrive. We arrived at 8a, waited a few minutes for the pizza to be available, ate pizza, decorated a cookie, ate the cookie, and still no Santa. Santa did not arrive until 8:40a. I felt like Santa should have arrived a little earlier in the event.

Meeting Santa

When Santa and Mrs. Claus finally arrived, they did a quick loop around the restaurant greeting everyone but not stopping for posed pictures and individual greetings. They then set Santa up at a booth for two (removing the table) and had the children go up to greet Santa. Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus sat at a table in the back and ate breakfast. I wish she had been available for interaction as well. While I was able to get a good picture with Santa, I do wish he had spent more time at the tables. When my daughter was young, she would not go up to Santa but was fine if he came to her. Now, she has no fear of going up to Santa. The previous two times we attended Santa breakfast, Santa had come and spent time at each table instead of having the kids come to Santa.

Story time

After everyone had a chance to visit Santa, the kids sat on the floor in front of Santa to listen to Twas the Night Before Christmas. The kids all seemed to enjoy the story.


We thought the breakfast was reasonably priced ($10/person when booked in advance) especially compared to the photo package prices at the mall. At breakfast we were able to take our own pictures so I have the digital copy to use on my Christmas cards. A photo package that includes a digital download was $29.99 at the mall’s Santa set, the same as I paid for the breakfast and the ability to take my own pictures. Children under 3 were free.

Last year’s Santa Breakfast was at Olga’s Kitchen and I enjoyed it more. I thought the served breakfast of pancakes was a little smoother than the buffet of pizzas. At story time, Santa sat at a large round table which was nicer than having them sit on the floor.

Overall though, we really enjoyed the breakfast and will plan to attend again next year no matter which restaurant it is being held at.

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