Blast Corn Maze - Maze Entrance

Blast Corn Maze – Fall Activity Review

Visiting a Corn Maze is an annual fall tradition for us. I have heard great things about Blast Corn Maze for years. Since we live on the southeast side of Ann Arbor, we stuck with mazes closer to home. This year, we visited Blast Corn Maze – and it is now our corn maze of choice for the future.

Blast Corn Maze - Maze Entrance

Fun at Blast Corn Maze

We prefer to do corn mazes in the dark and headed to Blast after dinner on Friday night. We went with our neighbors, so there were 4 adults and two 12 year olds.

Don’t let the name fool you, Blast Corn Maze is much more than a Corn Maze. They have  lots of fun activities like a corn pit, pedal tractor races, duck race, corn cannon, and more.


Blast Corn Maze

Blast Corn Maze offers one large maze. There are 3 exits to the maze. A short exit, a medium exit, and a long exit. The long exit is right next to the entrance and has 8 checkpoints. The short exit is near checkpoint 3. It is on the same side of the maze as the entrance, and closer to some of the other activities. The medium exit is on the opposite side of the maze. I think it was around checkpoint 6. From the medium exit it is a long walk back to your car – and even longer to the activities. We did the full maze to the long exit. It took us 55 minutes. Blast estimates that the long maze should take an hour.

Blast Corn Maze - Exit

If you choose to visit at night, make sure to bring flashlights. We did not see all of the checkpoints, but I think we just didn’t see them since our flashlights were focused on the ground.

Blast Corn Maze - Marker

Pro Corn Maze tip: Don’t wander aimlessly or try to memorize the map. If you always turn the same way you will eventually find your way out.


Pedal Cars

After we finished the corn maze, we went to check out the rest of the activities starting with the pedal cars. My daughter and her friend had fun taking a few of laps each. I recommend these for ages 8+ up. Kids need to be able to reach the pedals and successfully steer and pedal up a small incline. The area is not well lit at night. This makes a better daytime activity.

Blast Corn Maze - Pedal Cars

Straw Maze

The Straw Maze is a giant pile of straw bales with giant tube running inside and one as a slide. My daughter decided the tube inside the stack was too dark, so grabbed her flashlight from the maze to help her navigate her way.

Blast Corn Maze - Straw Maze


Corn Pit

The Corn Pit is a giant pile of dried corn kernels for the kids (and adults) to climb in. It is at least 10′ in diameter. The Corn Pit and Straw Maze are covered so they stay dry. There were also lights in this area.

Blast Corn Maze - Corn Pit

Duck Races

The Duck Races are a series of gutters over feed troughs with hand pumps. You can race ducks down the gutters by pumping. Even at 12 our kids had fun experimenting with the ducks.

Blast Corn Maze - Duck Races

Corn Cannon

The Corn Cannon is the only activity that is not included with your admission. It is $1 for 3 shots. Ears of corn are loaded into the blasters and blasted towards various targets. The target shooting would be easier in the daytime. It was hard to follow the corn cobs in the dark.

Blast Corn Maze - Corn Cannon


Other Activities

We also stopped to visit the goats near the corn crib and corn cannons. There is a children’s play area adjacent to the goat pen. For younger kids there is a cow “train” – barrels decorated as cows and pulled by a tractor. They also offer hay rides.

Blast Corn Maze- Cow Train

Blast has a pumpkin patch and pre-picked pumpkins at the entrance. Since it was dark we skipped the pumpkin patch.

Food at Blast Corn Maze

Of course no fall outdoor fun is complete without cider and donuts. Since we went apple picking before Wasem made cider, we bought a gallon of cider and they provided cups. Blast also sells individual cups of cider and other beverages. In addition to donuts, they had caramel apples, hot dogs, candy, and more.

Blast Corn Maze - Cider and Donuts


Visit Blast Corn Maze

Blast Corn Maze Location

Blast Corn Maze is in Dexter. Their address is 6175 Daly Rd. We took I-94 to the Zeeb Rd entrance. Daly Rd is about 4.5 miles north of I-94.

Blast Corn Maze Hours

Blast Corn Maze opened for the 2018 season on September 22. They are open through November 10.

Blast Corn Maze’s hours are:

  • Fridays 5-10p
  • Saturdays 11a-10p
  • Sundays 11a-8p

Ticket sales end 30 minutes before closing. Weekday hours are available by special arrangement for large groups.

We arrived about 7:30p on a Friday night and they were not crowded at all. We ran into maybe 3 other groups in the corn maze and there was only 1 other family at the other activities. While it was perfectly non-crowded, next time, we may try to arrive shortly before dark to visit the pumpkin patch, take a hay ride, and enjoy some of the activities. Then, head to the corn maze once it gets dark.


Blast Corn Maze Prices

Admission to Blast Corn Maze is $10/Adult and $7/Kids ages 5-12. Children 4 and under are free with a paid adult. Prices include all farm activities except the corn cannon. Pumpkins, produce, food, and drink are priced separately.

Blast Corn Maze only accepts cash. They do have an ATM on site, but to avoid the ATM fees make sure to bring cash.

Have you ever visited Blast Corn Maze? Check out their website for more information.

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