Peachy Fitness Birthday Parties


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Peachy Fitness Birthday Parties
Organization: Peachy Fitness Peachy Fitness Birthday Parties
  • Location: Peachy Fitness, 2385 S. Huron Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • Party Type: Venue
  • Age Range: Toddlers Preschoolers Elementary Middle Schoolers High Schoolers
  • Party Type: Active Play, Indoor, Music
About Peachy Fitness Birthday Parties

Peachy Fitness offers birthday parties for kids of all ages (and offers a great party space for adults too).

Peachy Fitness offers several fun birthday party themes based on the ages of the guests. Birthday parties are offered from 11:30a-3:30p on Saturdays and 11:30a & 12:30p on Sundays. Select parties are also offered at 11:30a or noon on Mondays-Fridays.

Birthday Parties for Preschoolers

Preschoolers can enjoy either Around the World Zumba Birthday Party or Simply Yoga Birthday Party. Both parties are 90 minutes long and include up to 12 guests, a 30-45 minutes class, and a 15 minute craft.

The Around the World Zumba Birthday Party explores is inspired by Latin American music and culture. Party craft options include Bookmarks, Egg shakers, Rock Painting, Bead Bracelets, and Eye Masks.

Peachy Fitness Birthday Parties - Mask crafts

The Simply Yoga Birthday Party offers several fun themes including Yoga Dance, Gloga Yoga, Jungle, Beach, Farm, Beach, Farm, Outer Space, or Nature. Craft options include Bookmarks, Rock Painting, Mason Jar Painting, or Bead Bracelets.

Peachy Fitness Birthday Parties - Yoga Party

Birthday Parties for Early Elementary School Kids

Kids in early elementary school (age 6-8) have several fun party options at Peachy Fitness. All parties are 90 minutes long and include a 45 minute class and a 15 minute craft.

Fun party themes include:

  • Pajama Jam
  • Mandala Making Art Party & Mindfulness
  • Gloga Yoga Party (Glow in the Dark Yoga)
  • Yoga Spa
  • Around the World Zumba
  • Bollywood Dance

Peachy Fitness Birthday Party - Bollywood

A Specialty Diva Party is a 2 hour party for ages 6-10 includes dancing and singing with disco lights, diva costumes an accessories like feather scarfs, tiaras, necklaces, rings, and sunglasses. The party also includes polished nails and a fashion show.

Birthday Parties for Tweens & Teens

Peachy Fitness offers two party levels for tweens and teens. Both parties offer 2 hours of party time.

The standard party is for ages 9-14. It is a 2 hours party for up to 12 and includes a 60 minute class and a 30 minute craft. It includes several themes:

  • Pajama Jam
  • Mandala Making Art Party & Mindfulness
  • Gloga Yoga Party (Glow in the Dark Yoga)
  • Yoga Spa
  • Yoga Mat Design
  • Around the World Zumba
  • Jewelry Making
  • Bollywood Dance

Peachy Fitness Birthday Parties - HostThey also offer two specialty parties for ages 8-14. These parties are 2 hours long.

The Minute to Win It party offers kids the chance to compete in simple games inspired by the TV show. The party includes up to 16 children.

A Mini-Spa party includes spa stations like Fruity Masks, cucumber slices, manicures, braids, and makeup. It also includes soothing music for meditation, magazines to read, and lemonade for a snack. The party allows 10 children and includes 2 party hostesses.

Peachy Fitness Birthday Party - Masks

Birthday Party Add-Ons

Peachy Fitness offers several add-ons to their birthday party packages. You can add a photo booth or professional photographer to the party. They also offer face painting or henna tattoos. You can also add extra time or extra attendees to most parties.


Parties hosted by:

Peachy Fitness

Peachy Fitness offers Zumba, Yoga, Acro Yoga & Family Yoga. All of our fitness classes in Ann Arbor will help the entire family stay fit together! They offer family classes, kids classes, and teens and tweens classes. They also offer women only classes.

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