Kidopolis - Birthday Parties

Kidopolis Birthday Parties

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Kidopolis Birthday Parties
Organization: Kidopolis Kidopolis - Birthday Parties
  • Location: Kidopolis, State Circle, Ann Arbor
  • Party Type: Venue
  • Age Range: Toddlers Preschoolers Elementary
  • Party Type: Active Play, Indoor
About Kidopolis Birthday Parties

Kidopolis Birthday Parties will leave kids imagining for days after spending time in their creative, indoor play space. Kids can enjoy

Kidopolis Party Room

The Kidopolis party room has a large open space with seating and space for serving food. The room is large which offers the kids plenty of room to move around. Personally, I love the large fireworks picture on the wall. What an awesome party backdrop!

Kidopolis - Birthday Parties

You can bring your own food for a party as long as it is nut-free. My daughter often has definite ideas of what food she wants to serve at her birthday party, so I appreciate the flexibility to be able to let her pick her food. I also like that I can provide some healthy food options at the party which aren’t always included in party packages.
The play space is closed during parties, so your group will have the run of the party room and the play area. Especially with younger children, it is so much easier to supervise when all of the children are with your group.

Kidopolis Birthday Parties

Birthday party packages are available starting for groups of 10 children. Party packages include:

  • Party Setup – Plates, Napkins, Cutlery, & Cups
  • Access to Kitchenette with fridge and dishware
  • 2 Blue-tooth speakers
  • 2 Hours of Table Time in Event Room
  • Gift from Kidopolis for birthday child
  • Nut-free outside food is allowed.

Party prices are $185 for up to 10 children with $9/additional child. There is a $90 non-refundable reservation fee.

Kidopolis Birthday Party - Fireworks Display

Birthday Party Timing

Birthday Parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays in the following time slots:

  • 10:30a-12:30p
  • 1:30-3:30p
  • 4:30-6:30p

Other Events

For other events, you can reserve the Party Room for $7/person for 2 hours. There is a $75 reservation fee.

Kidopolis Play

With the different themed play areas at Kidopolis, a Kidopolis party can have any theme.

Blast off to space and spend extra time in the Space Shuttle Room and with the rocket.

Kidopolis- Blast off to Hyperspace

The enchanted forest is perfect for a fairy themed party.

Kidopolis Enchanted Forest

Kidopolis Location

Kidopolis is conveniently located at 509 State Circle (Just south of I-94 off of State St). With a location off of State St between Briarwood Mall and Costco, it is a perfect location if parents are dropping their kids off for the party.

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