Birthdays Made Brighter with Customized Gift Wrap

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It may be summer and school is out of session, but that doesn’t mean that kids birthday celebrations have stopped. My daughter with a winter birthday is jealous of the cool parties that you can do in the summer. There are pool parties, water park parties, and even just a party at the park. Even the options for a movie theater party are better.

My daughter loves picking out just the right present – and presentation when she’s heading to a party. It’s a bonus when she can tailor the packaging and the gifts to the same theme – or at least to the party theme.

Birthdays Made Brighter - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

Customized Gift Wrap Supplies at Meijer

I love shopping at Meijer for kids birthdays! I can get everything I need for a birthday gift – card, wrapping, and the gift – all while buying our food for the week. With both character themed and general birthday products available at Meijer, American Greetings offers plenty of options.


After picking out presents for three upcoming birthday parties, our next stop was the kids card aisle. Here my daughter picked out three cards that matched the gift themes – Minions, Star Wars, and Spiderman.

Birthdays Made Brighter - American Greetings Kids Cards at Meijer - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

After we found cards, we stopped in the Party Aisle and Gift Wrap Aisle to pick out the materials for our customized gift wrap.


Birthdays Made Brighter - American Greetings Party Supplies at Meijer - Customized Gift Wrap IdeasBirthdays Made Brighter - American Greetings Kids Cards at Meijer - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

Spiderman Customized Gift Wrap

Spiderman: Homecoming is one of the box office hits of the summer. Once my daughter picked out a Spiderman themed gift, we went on the hunt for a way to make a unique Spiderman themed package. Spiderman party masks were the inspiration for our gift wrapping – and the gift was a perfect size for the masks.

Birthdays Made Brighter - Spiderman Components - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

  1. Wrap present in solid blue wrapping paper.
  2. Wrap the mask’s elastic around the package and position the mask.
    Birthdays Made Brighter - Spiderman Mask - Customized Gift Wrap IdeasPersonally, I thought we were done here. But, my daughter decided that Spidey needed white eyes. I sent her to grab two squares of paper from a stacking cube on the counter.
  3. Cut the corners off of two white squares and tape to the wrapping paper behind the eye slots of the mask. (Note: We didn’t tape them to the mask so the recipient can use the mask.)
    Birthdays Made Brighter - Spiderman Adding White Eyes - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas
  4. Tape the mask elastic into place to secure the mask to the package. We also added a small tape circle under the top of the mask to secure it in place as well.
  5. Tape the card in envelope to the back of the package.

Birthdays Made Brighter - Spiderman Completed Package - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

My daughter was right – the white eyes do make a difference!

Star Wars Customized Gift Wrap

Star Wars is a perennial favorite in our entire family. We are eagerly awaiting Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December. My daughter loves Star Wars books, and was eager to share a new release with her friend. 

There were several Star Wars cards available, but my daughter fell in love with an oversized Kylo Ren card. Fortunately, we are not mailing the card separately as it requires extra postage. At first we were disappointed not to find a Star Wars gift bag. Instead, we used it as a chance to create our own gift bag. The Kylo Ren card was perfect to theme the gift bag. Rather than plain tissue paper, we decided to step up our game inside the bag by using Star Wars napkins from Designware for American Greetings. We added rubber bracelets to finish off our packaging purchases.

Birthdays Made Brighter - Star Wars Components - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

  1. Fill out the card.
  2. Lay the gift bag flat.
  3. Center the card on the gift bag.
  4. Open the card and tape in place. Use a small tape circle to hold the card closed.
    Birthdays Made Brighter - Star Wars Taping Card - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas
  5. Place an unfolded napkin pattern side up in the bottom of the bag.
  6. Unfold 2 napkins and lay them on top of each other with the printed sides facing out. Repeat with a second set of 2 napkins.
  7. Line the front and back of the bag with a set of napkins.
  8. Place gift inside the bag.
  9. Top with a half-folded napkin to cover the gift.
  10. Place bracelets over the gift bag handles and tape into place.

Birthdays Made Brighter - Star Wars Finished Bag - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

I love the way this package turned out! We are definitely going to use cards out of the envelope in future packaging.

Minions Customized Gift Wrap

With Despicable Me 3 in theaters this summer, Minions are a very popular character right now. Meijer had a Minion card, and a Minion gift bag that were the perfect size for our stuffed Minion gift. 

Birthdays Made Brighter -Minions Components - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

We filled the gift bag in the same way as the Star Wars Gift Bag above. With a Minion popping off the front cover, the card was too cute to confine in an envelope. But, it was a perfect way to top off the gift bag.

Birthdays Made Brighter - Minions Finished Bag with Card - Customized Gift Wrap Ideas

Customized Gift Wrap

Don’t forget to check out American Greeting’s Birthdays Made Brighter for more party ideas. What suggestions do you have for customizing gift wrap? Share them in the comments.

Birthdays Made Brighter - Customized Gift Wrap

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