Back to School Shopping: Everything $14.99 & Less at Gymboree

For many years, Gymboree was my favorite place to buy clothes for my daughter. I liked both the style of their clothes and the way that they fit my super skinny daughter. Over the years, I learned to maximize their Gymbucks and take advantage of their sales, typically starting by looking at the clearance and sale racks.

Disclaimer: I am compensated for sales through Gymboree links. I appreciate your support of my blog by shopping through my links. 

One sale that I particularly liked was a sale similar to the Everything is $14.99 and under at Gymboree! sale that they are currently running. It would give me the opportunity to look at all of the merchandise and know I was getting a great price. Since my daughter always preferred dresses, it was a great time to stock up on dresses which were rarely that price even on sale.

The Everything is $14.99 is also a great time to stock up on staples like jeans. I loved that their jeans and many of their skirts were adjustable waist. I just did a quick survey of the jeans on their website and it appears that many of the girls jeans are no longer adjustable waist. I also looked at the boys jeans and not all of them have the adjustable waist either. I am disappointed by the lack of an adjustable waist as I have a very skinny child. The jeans are available in Slim, Regular, and Plus (Girls)/Husky (Boys). However, I have found that slim jeans are only a bit of a help for my daughter as they are typically about one waist size smaller than listed, yet she often needs a size two sizes smaller in the waist.

Everything is $14.99 and under sale is valid both online and in store. Gymboree is located in the Von Maur corridor at Briarwood Mall. Online offers free shipping on orders over $75 and $5 flat rate shipping under $75.


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