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Have you started thinking about Back to School? My daughter had to try on some jeans when we were packing for camp last night and she will definitely need new ones for fall as some were getting to short on her. Even her dresses and skirts are starting to get short (and miraculously for her, some skirts are even tight around the waist).

To gear up for school, check out these great Back to School deals at zulily!

When I was looking on Zulily for Back to School items, I came across the deals from T is For T-Shirt. One of my favorites is the I’m Going to Kindergarten Series. Unfortunately my daughter is entering 3rd grade, so the shirt doesn’t work for her.

For my daughter, this soccer t-shirt would be perfect! She loves playing soccer and the season will start about the same time as back to school.


Aside from clothes, another part of back to school shopping is getting ready to pack lunches. A few years ago, I purchased sandwich containers and I love having them. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they also keep the sandwich from getting squished. As a Star Wars fan, my daughter would love the Star Wars ChillPak Food Container:

Star Wars ChillPak Food Container
So don’t waste any time and check out the Back to School deals at zulily!
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