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New this year Ann Arbor Public Schools is using InfoSnap for parents to digitally complete their paperwork. You will receive a “snapcode” for each of your children enrolled in Ann Arbor Public Schools. From a single account parent account, you can fill out all of the necessary forms for each child. This year all paperwork must be completed via InfoSnap. 

Paperwork Process

Yesterday evening, I received an e-mail with a link to complete the paperwork for my daughter. While she and my husband were playing on the Wii, I started completing the forms on my iPad. The first step was to create my parent account.

Ann Arbor Public Schools InfoSnap Registration

When I started my daughter’s paperwork some of the key information was already completed from the school’s records – our address, parent names, etc. I’m hopeful that next year even more information (such as medical history or emergency contacts) will be saved from this year making it even easier to fill out the paperwork. I don’t have screen shots to share as I completed the forms as they all contained personal information.

I had to verify some information before completing the form, but it was easy to save my work to complete later. Once I completed the form this morning, I was asked to print the “receipt” and bring it to school. If you don’t have a printer handy when you complete the form, you can view and print the receipt from your account at a later time.


When I received the e-mail confirmation on my submission, it says that the next step is bringing documentation to the school confirming identity and district residency. Basically, what I needed to provide when I first enrolled my daughter. I just called the Back to School Hotline (734-660-9911) and they verified that this information is NOT required for returning students. They told me that they have updated the email wording to reflect the difference between new and returning students.

If you don’t have access to a computer, you can make an appointment with your child’s school to use one of their computers. Computers are also available at the library. Since I was able to complete the paperwork on my iPad, you could probably also complete the paperwork on a smartphone. 

My Thoughts on InfoSnap

I see a lot of benefits to InfoSnap. For the schools it must be so much easier to have everything typed electronically and not have to decipher parents handwriting. It will also make it easier to determine which students are missing forms and make them easy to find in an emergency.


I found InfoSnap very easy to use. I can only imagine how much easier it must make life for parents of multiple children to not have to fill out all of the paperwork by hand.

For the sake of clarity (and the district’s phone/e-mail volume), I hope the change that they have made to the confirmation e-mail makes it easier to understand what the required next steps are for different groups of students.

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