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Back to Basics toys is a division of Scholastic. They specialize in more traditional toys. They tend to have less plastic and electronics in their toys. They are definitely a good alternative to Toys R Us, Target, or Meijer.

They are offering an escalating promotion of 10% off on orders of $75, 15% off on orders of $150, and 20% off on orders of $250. All offers include Free Shipping. Shop at using code AFFNOV2 from 11/16 to 12/1.

Fashion Designer

I just saw this Fashion Designer Studio on their website. I remember having one as a child. One of my Facebook friends was just posting about buying a product like this for her daughter. The age on the product says 3 and up, but I would recommend this more for age 5 and up.

Train Desk & Chair SetMy daughter received this train desk as a gift last year. There is storage under the chair and also in the engine. She loves the theming of this desk and the storage is great. We had it in the play area, but she asked us to move it up to the office and put her laptop on it (our old laptop that she uses to play online games).

Disclaimer: I am a Back to Basics Affiliate and receive compensation for sales through these links. I appreciate your shopping through my links and supporting my efforts on this blog.


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  • Avatar Sing A Ma Jig

    Making art out of trash intrigues the heck out of me. I have always thought that it is not the medium we use but what we do with it that makes it art.

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