Attending Michigan Football Game with Kids – We Saved With Kids Club Tickets

Yesterday our family attended the Michigan vs. Appalachian State Game with tickets that we bought through the Go Blue Kids Club. This was the first game that we were attending since 2005 when I was pregnant with our daughter. In recent years, my husband has been offered tickets but the offers have either not been for 3 tickets or have been too expensive.

Then, at the end of July I received an email from the Go Blue Kids Club that as a new benefit, members could buy game tickets for $40/ticket for any game except the Penn State game under the lights. As soon as I saw the offer, I knew we wanted to take advantage of it. When we looked at the schedule we decided against the November 21 game because of the likelihood of cold temperatures. Since my daughter is playing soccer through Rec &Ed this fall and we did not have the schedule at the time, we selected the August 30 season opener which is before the season starts on September 6 in order to avoid potential conflicts.

We left our house about 10:30a for a noon game and drove to campus avoiding the major arteries into the city. We parked in a blue lot on main campus using my husband’s blue pass (otherwise the lot was $20/car). We joined the crowds walking down to the stadium. We just missed the Marching Band leaving Elbel Field as we could hear them and see the tops of the tubas ahead of us. The only disadvantage to the way that we came in is that it led us directly to Gate 10 which is students only. We ended up entering via Gate 9 which was the recommended gate for Kids Club tickets.

Inside the gate, representatives of the Kids Club were handing out safety bracelets to label with kids name, parents name, contact phone number, and seat location. I’ve taken my daughter to lots of large events, and thought this was a brilliant idea. While my daughter is a little old to need this information, I figured it couldn’t hurt in case she panicked – plus it gave me a picture to share with you.

We had a great time at the game. Even my daughter who isn’t a big football fan. She brought her iPod (the pink object in her lap) to keep her entertained.


We had great seats for the game. As luck would have it, our seats were in the first row of our section so we had plenty of leg room (and had no stairs to climb). It was nice not to have to squeeze through a row of people each time we left or returned.

2014 Football Game Team Entrance

2014 Football Game Team Entrance

We started the game with lunch and later took a walk around the stadium. We made sure to leave shortly before half-time so that we could beat the crowds to the bathrooms.

It was a warm day, and it was nice to see that Absopure was handing out free cups of water to make sure everyone stayed hydrated. I had brought a water bottle and was able to use the water to refill my bottle.

My daughter was fascinated by the bags of popcorn at the snack bar.

Michigan Stadium Popcorn

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