Attack of the Geese!

We went to Gallup Park today & while feeding the Canadian Geese and ducks in the youth swimming pond we were being hounded by a goose & some ducks on the dock. The goose nipped my daughters fingers taking bread out of her hand.

We went to the playground by the youth fishing pond. This is a nice well shaded playground with a tire swing, a play structure, and some swings. In addition, there is the pond and the lake with wildlife to observe. In addition to feeding the ducks & geese, we saw a turtle sitting on a log.

There are lots of picnic benches as well as two pavilions (both of which were occupied) in the area. There are bathrooms on the far side of the pavilion closest to the playground. After eating, and as we were getting ready to leave we had to make a mad dash for the bathrooms (she did make it) leaving our friends behind. Near the bathrooms is a footbridge across the Huron River. We started across it but we wanted to be sure to say goodbye to our friends.

Next time, I would like to spend more time exploring the trails in that area. I would also like to go canoeing or kayaking on the river – I’ll need to talk my husband into that & convince my daughter to wear a life jacket.


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