April Fools Day – Any Luck?

My daughter is too aware of April Fools Day this year. When I woke her up, I started by telling her that she was going to have to start getting up earlier when she interrupted me that it was April 1st. I hadn’t even gotten to the point of telling her that school was going to be starting an hour earlier.

I think it is going to be very hard to top last year’s prank. Last year we were at Walt Disney World for spring break and were changing hotels on April 1. I told her that school had cancelled the rest of break and we were going home instead of to the new hotel.

My daughter is planning to buy lunch today and I was going to have Dad tell her that they changed the lunch to something she doesn’t like on her way to school. However, she knows that I help in math class this morning and would expect me to bring in a lunch. I think I’ll tell her that when I arrived at school and was dropping off lunch money that they told me lunch was changed.

Have you played any good April Fools jokes on your family today?

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