Another Weather Cancellation Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a weather day again for Ann Arbor Public Schools. Even though my street had not yet been plowed when I received the phone call at 4p, I was surprised to have another day. My daughter is ready to go back to school. She is sad that she’s missed gym class and her first indoor soccer practice (through Rec & Ed).

Below is the text of the e-mail that I received:

Dear AAPS Staff and Families,

School will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday, January 8, 2014, due to continued weather-related concerns including dangerous wind chill temperatures, the blowing and drifting of snow, the condition of roads, particularly subsidiary roads, and the safe operation of diesel buses.

All before and after school activities are cancelled.


All Rec & Ed activities are cancelled including all evening activities.

There will be no high school athletic competitions or practices on Wednesday.

Though we understand that this continued cancellation may cause hardships for some families, our primary concern remains for the safety of all our students, especially those who walk to and from school or the bus stops.


Again, there will be No School for ALL AAPS students and staff on Wednesday, January 8, 2014.

Stay safe and warm,
Dr. Jeanice K. Swift

I do wish the district would consider operating on a 2-hour delay instead of the all-or-nothing approach. With temperatures starting to rise in the morning, the temperatures should be out of the cancellation zone.

My concern is that we have now used 3 snow days and we haven’t returned from Winter Break yet. I heard that we have 5 built into the school calendar leaving us with only 2 more days. If it goes beyond the built-in time, days are added in June to the end of the calendar per the district’s text calendar.

Tonight as we were watching TV, I was surprised at the sheer volume of schools that are closed tomorrow throughout Southeast Michigan. I am now rethinking my initial reaction that another day’s closure was excessive.

Other than schools (and associated Rec & Ed activities) and outdoor locations such as Buhr Ice Rink, I expect that most places will be operating normally tomorrow.

With the improved roads (my neighborhood was plowed around 5:20p), I think we may be ready to venture out tomorrow.

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