Ann Arbor Foxfire North - Playground

Ann Arbor’s Foxfire North Park – Tuesday Playground Profile

This profile of Ann Arbor’s Foxfire North Park is part of our Tuesday Playground Profiles Series. Are you interested in sponsoring the series? Contact us for details.

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Foxfire North Park in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor Foxfire North - Playground

Ann Arbor’s Foxfire North Park

Foxfire North Park is a neighborhood park in the Foxfire North neighborhood. My daughter played soccer at Foxfire North for a couple of season until she aged up to a larger field. In addition to the soccer field, it features a small play structure, swings, and half-court basketball.


Foxfire North Park Profile

Location: 2405 Hickory Point, Ann Arbor
Unique Features: Split Double Slide, Educational Spinners
Swings: Yes – 2 Regular, 1 baby, 1 adaptive

Ann Arbor Foxfire North - Swings
Ignore the puddles. We were there the day after a major rain

Surface: Mulch
Bathrooms: Port-a-potty
Shade: No
Pavilion: No
Sports Fields: Yes. Soccer and half-basketball court
Ann Arbor Foxfire North - BasketballWalking Trails: A paved path connects the playground to street parking and the neighborhood sidewalks.
Parking: Street Parking

Ann Arbor’s Foxfire North Park Profile

Ann Arbor’s Foxfire North Park is a neighborhood park that also includes a soccer field used by Ann Arbor Rec & Ed teams. 

Foxfire North Park is best for younger kids since the structure is smaller. My favorite part of the structure was the double slide. Rather than a traditional side-by-side, each side flares out.

Ann Arbor Foxfire North - Double Slide

Throughout the park there are a couple of spinners with educational information. There is one about the planets and one about states.Ann Arbor Foxfire North - Educational Spinners

My daughter enjoyed the monkey bars – even if she had to struggle to keep her feet off the ground.

Ann Arbor Foxfire North - Monkey Bars

If you want to take advantage of the basketball or soccer fields, be sure to bring your own ball.


Foxfire North is the perfect playground to visit for local residents or while you are at the park for a soccer game.

Have you been to Ann Arbor’s Foxfire North Park? What is your favorite part? You can find more information about Foxfire North Park on the Ann Arbor Parks website.

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