Top of the Park Movie 2014

Ann Arbor Summer Festival New Location

As I shared on Facebook, MLive has shared the 2015 location for Top of the Park at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. Campus construction projects on North Ingalls Mall have necessitated its move from the North Ingalls Mall and Washington St. The new location is the South Ingalls Mall and North University. Exact details of the new footprint are still being established. The 2015 Ann Arbor Summer Festival will run from Friday, June 12 through Sunday, July 5.

I am glad that they are keeping Top of the Park in a similar area with the ready access of State St merchants. I am glad that they are keeping Top of the Park in a mall area with grassy areas instead of relocating it back to the top of the parking structure.

At the 2014 Top of  the Park Movie - Harry Potter

I do have some concerns however with the use of North University. Washington St would be closed for the duration of the festival between Thayer and Fletcher. North University seems like a much more heavily travelled street so I am worried about a multi-week closure. I addition to a larger volume of traffic, there are numerous bus stops along the street particularly by the Natural History Museum.

The Rackham graduate building always provided a nice “backdrop” to the festival performances and movies. I am wondering how things will work this year without the built-in backdrop.


Top of the Park Movie 2014

I look forward to seeing more details as they are released. We can’t wait to experience Top of the Park in its new location – particularly now that my daughter is getting older and can enjoy more of the movies (and possibly stay awake for them).

Speaking o movies, now through February 1st you can vote for the 2015 Movie lineup online.

2 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Summer Festival New Location”

  1. That’s cool that you can vote for the movie lineup. I wish they didn’t do them on Sunday nights, if they did them Fri or Sat I’d be more apt to drive in and stay over at my A2 friend’s apartment.

    They usually do some fun bands/musicians that I do drive in for, though.

    As for location, I didn’t really think about the traffic but your points are valid – North U is more heavily trafficked then Washington.

  2. I agree on all the weeknights for the movie. Even being a townie it’s hard to do them – especially with a 9 year old & when they pick movies like The Hobbit (on last year’s list).

    I probably worry more about the traffic since I drive around town more often.

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