Ann Arbor Snow Updates - January 25 - Kid is snow suit sitting in snow bank

Ann Arbor Snow Day Updates – January 25

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It’s an Ann Arbor Snow Day today, Wednesday, January 25. We woke up to snow this morning that is continuing throughout the day. Several schools (including Ann Arbor Public Schools) announced closures last night with most schools closed today. Personally, I am glad they made the decision last night and it wasn’t a 5a wake-up call.

Our updates below will hep you make the most of your snow day – with updates on businesses open or closed today, and much more.


School Closures

Ann Arbor Public Schools, Ypsilanti Community Schools, Lincoln Consolidated Schools, WISD, and several private and charter schools announced their closures last night. This morning, the other county school districts also announced closure (my quick glance at the list shows them all closed, but I may have missed a district) plus additional private and charter schools.

I am glad that we did not do what Plymouth-Canton schools did. They had high schoolers on the buses before they decided at 7:30a to cancel school and had to take the kids home.

With the storm scheduled to continue into the evening, we will add any school closures that get announced for Thursday below.

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Thursday School Closures

Closed on Thursday:

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools
  • Ypsilanti Community Schools
  • Cheslea School District
  • Lincoln Consolidated School District
  • Dexter School District
  • National Heritage Academies
  • Manchester Community Schools
  • Milan Area Schools
  • Saline Area Schools
  • Washtenaw Intermediate School District
  • Whitmore Lake


School Aged Child Care

Both Flipside and WideWorld Sports used to offer Snow Day Camps. Flipside no longer exists. I called Wide World last night and they are not offering a snow day camp. Some child care centers may have capacity to take school aged children on snow days -particularly if they attend after care there.

Do you know of any snow day camps?

WiFi & Charging Resources

So far, today’s storm does not seem to be causing any significant power outages. Local libraries and coffee shops are great places for free wifi and to charge your devices (as long as they are open). Last year, Ann Arbor District Library offered 24/7 WiFi access in their parking lots. I don’t see any mention of it this year, but it might be worth checking if your internet goes out and you urgently need to connect. Just make sure to bundle up if you drive there.

As a hint, if you charge your laptop, you can charge your phones and tablets from it several times. (Don’t follow my example, my laptop was down to 19%


Have you checked out our list of Movies to Watch on a Snow Day? We updated our list a couple of weeks ago to find all the snow/winter themed movies on various streaming services.

Family Movies to Stream on a Snow Day - Father & Son share a movie and headphones on a taablet


Outdoor Activities

Snowy days are perfect for sledding.

Rocket Down the Best Ann Arbor Sledding Hills - Child sitting in sled going down hill at Rolling Hills

It’s also a good time for other activities like cross country skiing or snow shoeing.

Road Conditions

My husband went to work at 8a and said the roads were more wet than icy. However, with additional snow falling throughout the day I expect conditions to get worse. Make sure to leave extra time for traffic.

If I hear of major traffic incidents I will be sure to update them here.

Places Confirming Open

The following places have confirmed that they are opening today. However, if you want. tohead out later in the afternoon, I suggest double checking. incase they close early.

Non-School Closures & Cancellations

Note on Closures: I rely heavily on what closures come across my Facebook feed. If you know of another closure, please send it to us by email.


At Home Ideas

Does your child have any upcoming school projects? We have spent many snow days working on a science fair project.

Baking is always a fun way to spend the day as well – as long as you have the ingredients.


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