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Ann Arbor Snow Day Updates – January 19

There’s a forecast for snow overnight Thursday into Friday, January 19. This storm is forecast to be less severe than the January 12

Through the day on Thursday the overnight forecast dropped from 1-3″ of snow to less than 1″. We don’t expect to see significant closures unless the forecast changes again.

Outdoor Activities

Snowy days are perfect for sledding. Even without much additional snow, conditions should be great! Thursday afternoon we saw kids (and a dog) enjoying the hill at Vets Park.

Rocket Down the Best Ann Arbor Sledding Hills - Child sitting in sled going down hill at Rolling Hills

It’s also a good time for other activities like cross country skiing or snow shoeing.


Have you checked out our list of Movies to Watch on a Snow Day? We updated our list a couple of weeks ago to find all the snow/winter themed movies on various streaming services.

Family Movies to Stream on a Snow Day - Father & Son share a movie and headphones on a taablet

School Closures

As of Thursday afternoon there are no closure announcements for Friday, January 19. With the decreased snow totals, I don’t see there being a lot of closures on Friday.

I will say I was pleasantly surprised at the road conditions when we drove to school on Thursday morning and we are supposed to have a similar amount Friday morning.

Friday Closures & Late Openings

With lower snow totals I don’t think we will see many closures for Friday.

Power Outage Preparations & Tips

The weather forecast Friday is less conducive to power outages than last week’s storm. The winds are not expected to be that strong. However, the weight of snow sitting on the wires can still produce issues.

Heat: We like to take precautions by overriding our normal thermostat program so the temperature does not drop overnight. Sometimes we also increase the set point by a degree or two going into the storm.

Light: Make sure to have a light source nearby. We like LED lanterns and we still use the kerosene lamps we bought 25 years ago. I recently saw a suggestion for battery operated LED string lights. I thought that was a brilliant idea.

Power: If you have a generator, make sure you have enough fuel for it. We also keep our devices charged. A charged laptop can charge a phone several times.

Local libraries and coffee shops are great places for free wifi and to charge your devices (as long as they are open).

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