Ann Arbor Mother's Day Events

2019 Ann Arbor Mother’s Day Events

I love brunch, making it a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. There are a number of great 2019 Ann Arbor Mother’s Day Events.

Ann Arbor Mother's Day Events 2017

Beyond Ann Arbor, I’ve also gathered events from Washtenaw County. I have partnered with several other Metro Detroit websites to bring you a list of Mother’s Day events around Metro Detroit.

If you’re celebrating with family elsewhere in Metro Detroit, be sure to check out these other sites for ideas in other areas.


Mother’s Day Events in Washtenaw County

Check out all of the fun Ann Arbor Mother’s Day events:

All Mother’s Day Events

Note: This list will be updated as more events are announced.

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Our Ann Arbor Mother’s Day Brunch Experiences

One of my favorite Ann Arbor brunches is Gandy Dancer. I definitely recommend their brunch if they are not booked solid. Last year we had Mother’s Day brunch at Gandy Dancer. We made our reservation late and were seated in the tent. I called about a reservation for this year and they were booked for a party of our size. We had brunch there for my daughter’s first Easter (in 2006). I have always loved brunch at Gandy Dancer.

Ann Arbor Easter Brunch at Gandy Dancer

Last year we had Mother’s Day brunch at the Kensington Hotel at their Relish Restaurant. We definitely enjoyed our brunch. Although we were at a huge table. My parents were supposed to join us, but my niece decided to arrive the day before. This year we’ll be celebrating her first birthday on Mother’s Day.

In 2015 our Mother’s Day brunch was at the Eagle Crest Marriott. Rather than continuous reservations, they offer several seating times when they change over the entire restaurant. We enjoyed our brunch on Mother’s Day. We returned for Valentine’s Day brunch last year which happened to be on a Sunday. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for a Valentine’s Day rush since it does not usually fall on a Saturday. Despite this experience, I would return for a holiday or a regular Sunday brunch.


The Sheraton Ann Arbor typically offers their holiday brunch in both their restaurant and in the ballroom. When we attended a few years ago, we ate in the Ballroom and really enjoyed our visit. They are not offering a Mother’s Day Brunch this year.

We’ve also had brunch at Weber’s, but I think it was their regular Sunday brunch buffet and not a holiday buffet. I would expect the holiday buffet to be expanded from a regular Sunday buffet.

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  2. The Weber’s holiday brunches are typically less choices than their regular Sunday brunch, unfortunately. They also got rid of the eggs Benedict on the brunch line which is a real bummer

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