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Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Parade Goes Virtual for 2020

The Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Parade is going virtual for 2020. We love the Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Parade. It is a must for our family every year. My daughter has been in the parade every year since she was 3. I am so glad we will still be able to participate even with the physical parade canceled.

About the Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Parade

The City of Ann Arbor started a Fourth of July parade in 1991. Two years later, they asked the Ann Arbor Jaycees to take over the parade. 2020 is the 30th year of the parade. While it won’t be in person, at least they have found a way to do it virtually.

Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Parade - Handing Out Candy


Watch the Virtual Parade

The Virtual Parade was shared on Facebook at 10a. Of course you can always watch it after the parade (but you probably won’t be able to start from the beginning until it is over). We watched it live, but have included the video below (note the volume changes throughout the original video):


Participate in the Virtual Parade

We have participated in the Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Parade since 2009. We started participating with my daughter’s preschool, then with the Girl Scouts. My daughter has joined the parade every year and I’m happy she’ll have the same opportunity in 2020.

Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Parade

Who Can Join

Anyone can join the Ann Arbor Jaycees Virtual Fourth of July Parade. Free submissions are welcome from community groups and . individuals. They are also continuing the Bike Decorating Contest in a virtual format. Paid submissions are available to commercial businesses and political parties/candidates.


How to Join the Virtual Parade

The firs step is to make your virtual parade submission. They are asking for submissions that show how you will be celebrating Fourth of July and sharing a message of hope (no political statements). So break out your festive clothing and decorations. Don’t forget to have the kids decorate their bike, scooter, or wagon to enter the virtual bike decorating contest.

Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July Bike Decorating Contest

Community groups may submit a video of up to 90 seconds. Families and individuals can submit a photo or a video of up to 15 seconds. If you wish to include your names, please include them in the name of the picture and on the submission form. Commercial submissions and political candidates/parties require a $50 fee.

Submit your virtual parade entry on this form. Entries may be edited for time. The deadline for submission is midnight on Friday, June 19. They will try to include submissions after the deadline. However, late submissions are not guaranteed to be included.


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  1. Stephen Forbes

    Thank you for.taking the time to share! Attending for the first time as a single dad with my 2-yr old twin daughters. Can’t wait!! ??

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