Ann Arbor I-94 Construction

Ann Arbor I-94 construction will happen this summer on the stretch between US-23 and State Street. The construction will include weekend and evening road and ramp closures.  

Ann Arbor I-94 Construction Summer 2018

The improvements include concrete pavement repairs, resurfacing, and culvert maintenance. 


Ann Arbor I-94 Construction Zone This Weekend

The closures for this weekend (August 17-19) are:

  • Eastbound I-94 M-14 to US-23
  • Northbound US-23 ramp to Westbound I-94
  • Northbound US-23 to Eastbound I-94
  • Westbound I-94 to Northbound US-23

The closures are scheduled to begin at 10p on Friday and reopen by 5a on Monday.

The closure map can be found on the MI Drive website.

Ann Arbor I-94 Construction Zone

The Ann Arbor I-94 Construction Zone runs from Carpenter Road to State Street. Carpenter Rd is just east of the US-23 interchange. The US-23/I-94 interchange is also on the improvement list. The press release also mentions improvements to the I-94/US-12 interchange.

Ann Arbor I-94 Construction Timing

Construction is scheduled to start in July. Construction should end in November. During the construction time, expect lane closures at night and on the weekends. The plan is for two weekends with the highway closed in one direction. They also expect three weekend closures for the US23/I94 interchange::

  • SB23-I94 ramp
  • NB23-I94 ramp
  • EB94-US23 ramp

There will be no lane or road closures on high traffic weeks: holiday weekends, Ann Arbor Art Fair, or Michigan Home Football Games. 

Previous Ann Arbor I-94 Construction Closures

This article is being updated each week as new closures are announced. The following closures have already happened:

  • August 10-12 – Eastbound I-94 M-14 to US-23
  • August 3-5 – Westbound I-94 from US-23 to M-14
  • July 27-30 – Eastbound 94 ramps at 23

We were lucky to miss the Westbound I-94 closure on August 3-5 since we were visiting family in Pennsylvania. 

As more closure dates are announced, this article will be updated. You can search for updates on the construction closures on the MDOT website. Unfortunately, since the end of July, they have changed the MDOT MiDrive website. The new page does not give as much detail on closures.


Thoughts on Ann Arbor I-94 Construction

We use this section of I-94 on a daily basis. At least the lane and highway closures will occur in off-peak hours. The I-94/US-12 interchange desperately needs repairs. The ramp to WB-94 has had a pothole problem for a few years.

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