Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day 2017

Free Comic Book Day is held annually on the first Saturday in May. Comic publishers provide participating shops with copies of special Free Comic Book Day issues to distribute to store patrons. There are several activities planned for Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day 2017.

Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day 2016

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 opening on Friday, May 5th, it is a great weekend for comics! We are definitely planning our weekend to include both the movie and Free Comic Book Day. I am hoping to attend an advance screening of the movie, in order to share a review.

Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day 2017 Locations

Date/Time Event
Free Comic Book Day
at Vault of Midnight, Ann Arbor Michigan
Free Comic Book Day
at Fun 4 All Comics & Games, Ypsilanti Michigan
Free Comic Book Day
at Stadium Cards & Comics, Ypsilanti Michigan

We have been attending Free Comic Book Day for the last few years. Over they years we have visited both Vault of Midnight (Main St) and Fun 4 All which is now located on Carpenter Rd near Target. We have never visited Stadium Cards & Comics for Free Comic Book Day.

If you are out of town that weekend, be sure to check the Free Comic Book Day website for participating locations near you.


Past Ann Arbor Free Comic Book Day Experiences

In 2016 we visited Fun 4 All for Free Comic Book Day. With my daughter’s soccer schedule and our plans to see Captain America: Civil War, it was a better fit than Vault of Midnight.

Fun 4 All Free Comic Book Day - Punching Deadpool

2015 was the only year that we visited Vault of Midnight for Free Comic Book Day. We did have to wait in line a little over an hour, but Nerd Life Productions was there with trivia, green screen photos, and face painting/hair coloring. In addition to the Free Comic Books (limit of 3 per person), Vault of Midnight had a comic book sale in the basement with select issues priced at 5/$1. I put together the video below from our visit.

This year, Vault of Midnight is changing their layout. The Free Comics will be located in the basement. They are hoping to have more access allowing for shorter lines.





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