Esch Park – Tuesday Playground Profile

This profile of the Ann Arbor’s Esch Park Playground is part of our Tuesday Playground Profiles Series. Are you interested in sponsoring the series? Contact us for details.

Each week Ann Arbor with Kids is profiling a different playground in the Ann Arbor area including Ann Arbor, Saline, Ypsilanti, Dexter, etc. Today we are profiling Ann Arbor’s Esch Park Playground.
Ann Arbor Esch Park Sign

Esch Park

Esch Park is a five-acre neighborhood park on Esch Ave between Pine Valley and King George Blvd. The park includes play equipment, softball field, and a half-basketball court.


Esch Park Profile

Location: 2705 Esch Avenue – The park is conveniently located near a number of apartment, condos, and homes.
Unique Features: See-saw, bouncers, sand box, animal facts
Ann Arbor Esch Park SandboxSwings: 2 traditional, 2 infant buckets
Surface: Mulch
Bathrooms: No.
Shade: No
Pavilion: No
Sports Fields: Softball, basketball half-court, open field
Walking Trails: Paved path from the street and neighborhoods. Sidewalks in surrounding neighborhood
Parking: Street Parking is available.

Esch Park Playground Review

Esch Park offers a structure, swings, rockers, and a see-saw. There is also a sand box and chin up bars.

Ann Arbor Esch Park Structure

Even at 12, my daughter had to play with the animal facts spinners.

Ann Arbor Esch Park Animal Fact Spinner

She also tested out the rockers. She’s taller than me, but was still able to rock.

Ann Arbor Esch Park Horse Rocker

The see-saw isn’t too much fun alone, but she made it work with a little help from mom (and a boomerang video).

One thing that Esch Park lacks is shade.


Esch Park was a new playground to us. I discovered it on my navigation system’s map after we left Burns Park (last week’s profile) and Dairy Queen.

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