Ann Arbor Cold Weather Closures

Ann Arbor Cold Weather Closures & Advice

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The temperatures from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday are supposed to be dangerously cold with strong winds making the wind chill even lower. Windchills below -40F (or -40C since they’re the same thing) are a possibility. At these temperatures, it is not safe to be outside. Expect school closures, activity closures, and even businesses with modified hours.

Ann Arbor Cold Weather Closures

Ann Arbor Cold Weather Closures

How do I know it’s cold? University of Michigan cancelled classes for Wednesday and Thursday! My husband was seriously considering cancelling his class even if the university didn’t.

The other way…”Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet” evidently doesn’t include extreme cold. The US Postal Service is suspending delivery on Wednesday & Thursday to certain zip codes including those that start 480-485 which includes our area.


I have found the following information on closures and cancellations.

School Closures

While it seems a foregone conclusion that schools will be closed on Thursday, I am glad they are waiting to announce it in case we get lucky and the weather moves out earlier. I would plan on closures for Thursday even if they have not been announced yet. School Closings are sourced from individual schools social media and Channel 4’s website.

  • Friday, February 1
    • None Announced Yet. Hopefully temperatures will allow for school


Other Closures


I have heard that some mall stores are closed including Apple, but have seen no announcements. I have also heard some Arborland stores are closed.


Do you have any other information on closures or delays? Add it to the comments.

Confirmed Open

All of these locations announced plans to be open as listed. However, it doesn’t hurt to verify again in case conditions change.


Ann Arbor Cold Day Camp Options

On snow days, there are typically a few camp options. I have heard that these locations typically offer camp. I will update if I hear they are not offering camp due to cold temperatures:

The JCC typically runs a snow day program, but will not be running it on Wednesday.

You can also look into play dates with your child’s friends. Perhaps they have a friend who has a parent at home and you could offer date-night babysitting in exchange for care today. This is a great option on the cold days if they don’t live close.


Staying Warm on Cold Days

Your home heating system will likely be operating at maximum capacity. I have seen recommendations to disable programs that drop temperatures overnight or during daytime.

With gas shortages caused by the facility fire, everyone has been asked to drop their thermostats to minimize the need for blackouts. Please drop your settings to 65 or lower.

If you have an older home that is struggling to stay warm, open cabinets with water pipes to help keep them from freezing. Also consider leaving water to drip if you have exposed or poorly insulated pipes. Flowing water does not freeze as quickly as still water. You can collect the water in a bucket for watering plants or other uses.

Add an extra blanket to beds at bedtime for added warmth.

If you are out driving, be prepared with plenty of gas, extra warm clothes, and jumper cables in case of a dead battery. Batteries drain more quickly in the cold.

You can also look for locations that are open during the day. The library, movie theaters, and the mall are likely options. However, you should verify that they are still open before heading out.


Washtenaw County is also providing emergency warming centers with some transportation available. Check out the details below:

Washtenaw County is providing safe, warm spaces for individuals experiencing homelessness during severe winter weather….

Posted by The City Of Ann Arbor – Government on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Our Ann Arbor Cold Day Plans

With dangerously cold temperatures and my daughter having a cold, we will likely stay home.

If you head out, I recommend places that you can get to with minimal outdoor time. I also recommend verifying places are open before heading out. Check their website, Facebook, or go old school and give them a call.


At Home Ideas

Other ideas for spending your snow day – aside from shoveling and some time spent playing in the snow are:

  • Board Games – The game choices will depend on their age. My teen enjoys Pandemic, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, and Scrabble. When she was younger, other favorite games included Life, Guess Who, and Hi-Ho Cherry-o.
  • Video Games – My daughter loves playing Video Games. I’m sure she’ll spend some time on our Wii U and the classic Nintendo systems.
  • Movies – Turn a movie into a special treat with an indoor picnic, hot-chocolate popcorn, or other special treats.
  • Crafts – Break out the craft supplies. Make paper snowflakes, snowmen, and more.
  • Forts – Build snow forts, have a snow ball fight, then retreat indoors and make a coach cushion and blanket fort. I used to love making these as a kid.


Events Today

Be sure to check for any cancellations before heading to events.

No Events

How is your family planning to spend their snow day?

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